Egg exchanges for research

I’m curious, what if there was a way for us to cash in unused high tier eggs for low tier eggs? For example, if one should have 50 unused sapphire eggs and need 40 orange tier eggs, maybe there was an option to exchange on a 1:5 ratio or something. Not saying that exchange rate is the best but it’s an example. This would help us to get caught up in research tiers instead of using egg tokens. Thoughts?


If you need orange tier research, breed slyx lol. It’s pretty much 20 tokens for 1 egg. But being able to convert down would let me get some of the gold eggs I need to even be able to start on plat research :woman_facepalming:t2:


Love the idea!! If it were to happen the value (in tokens) will have to deteriorate when exchanging. For example, 2400 tokens for 1 gold egg and 20 egg tokens for 1 orange egg. Since 120 orange eggs are made from 2400 tokens, you may only get 1/2 gold egg. This isn’t literal, it is just the exchange rate.

To prevent people from making orange eggs and converting. Then take advantage of it.

I’d like it very much. I probably have hundreds of orange eggs that are useless laying around somewhere in the datavoid…

I’d rather exchange them for tokens… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol. I’d like to cash them in for rubies!

That is actually a very good idea. They could even make it 5 to 1…I wouldn’t care!

But they must do something, the way Research is now is just terrible! When breeding sapphire, Garnet, emerald, etc it’s not even an option you just don’t have the tokens to waste on Green & Gold Research!

I really like the research but I say waste because for the amount of Research eggs you get compared to the tokens you use for Green & Gold Research it is a waste! And your never or atleast for a very long time going back and breeding any green, gold or even platinum dragons.

I’m actually at that exact point! I’m just stuck!
I have lots of Sapphire & Platinum Research eggs but I still have 2 more gold researches to do before I can get into the next I can’t waste the tokens on Gold Research so it really just sucks that I haven’t Research anything at all for probably 2-3 months or longer…

They could very easily do something like this…

To Exchange For 1 Green Research Egg

7 Gold R Eggs
5 Platinum R Eggs
3 Sapphire R Eggs

You could maybe even make it where you could exchange up to just would be more expensive…

60 Red Eggs
45 Purple Eggs
30 Orange Eggs

For exchange of 1 Green Egg

Obviously this was just numbers thrown around to give an example (no real thought into the exchange rate)

At least then people would have options and could still continue Researching or not have to go way back and waste tokens that they really can’t afford to waste!

The Sapphire & Up dragons cost a ton so Research becomes less of a problem up there then it is with Green and Gold Research!

But yeah I’m all for it I think it’s a great idea! Like I said I seriously haven’t been able to research anything for months and I hate it!

I think they need to add more research if 3 sapphire eggs = 1 green egg.

I was just throwing around numbers basically for an example…
But why would they need to add more research if they had an excahage rate 3 to 1 from sapphire to green?

I would imagine they eventually plan on bringing in more sapphire Research.

Maybe even research after Saph.

But some of the green research cost 25-35 green research eggs with an exchange that would be 75-105 sapphire eggs definitely not cheap!

You can spend a half of million egg tokens or more in the sapphire tier (Depending on Which dragons) and end up with 10 or less sapphire Research eggs.

So it’s not really like your making the research any less expensive or anything it would cost more tokens we could just keep moving forward and still be able to research.

If they added more research in higher tiers I think it would be neat for better research at a more expensive cost. They could just add like a few Garnets & Emerald types of research each make them very expensive but great Research.
Not exactly but instead of improving Hunters, RSS or specific resists it would be something like the Cloak Research how it adds 15% heal each time you Cloak. Something similar how it adds to something like a spell or type of dragon.

My point was more that if sapphire eggs are so invaluable that you’re wanting to exchange them for a smart quantity of green eggs, they should probably add more research for sapphire aka make a use for sapphire eggs rather than letting you trade for green at a 3:1 rate. Just my opinion, nowhere near sapphire eggs.

What if there is a new currency to deal with this(this might be a long stretch).
Something like blue egg tokens which can only be used for research, they could be like more rare or could only be found in a certain chest.

Have you lost your mind? Lol


I might have​:ghost::joy::joy::joy::joy:, Im sorry it just popped up in my mind lol, I didn’t put much thought into it lol

Lol. Love it! Except for the part where they are rare and / or in specific hard to get chests that cost a million rubies. I think something should change in how we research. Seems like the only way we can get ahead in research and dragon breeding is to spend a shit ton of money :yen: :crazy_face::grin:. Researching shouldn’t be something, in my opinion, that’s a money grab. Let it be an easy and simple part of the game play

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