Egg mission bonus missing during temple event

I have a 100% egg mission bonus. However, since the start of this Temple Raid event, the egg bonus is missing. Clearing cache didnt work… Anybody else having this issue?

All they will say is to file a ticket

When you file a ticket they tell you the team is aware and working on it… deleting and reinstalling works for some, but not everyone


Yes, the deleting and reinstalling usually works. If not, please PM me.

Thank you, after reinstall the issue resolve by itself. This was the second reinstall, the first one resolved a graphics issue. This second reinstall, besides the egg bonus, I also got the chest drops back (instead of rubies and timers). A bit strange how you can get a ‘working’ installation of a game, yet some features are broken. Checksum perhaps?

Sometimes, it’s that it missed a file during the re-download.

Thank you for your response. But, mmm seems to be a server issue on your side, how else to explain this? It happened one hour after I finished the previous mission with one hour reset which gave me then still 2x as many eggs? All this time the game was continuously on line and not closed or restarted…

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