Egg mission Bug?

Pretty sure that the hourly RSS mission is normally around 30k approx ( wood or food )

My last few have been 2,520

Not sure if my memory is wrong or its a bug. Just bringing it to PGs attention to review in case its a bug impacting other things.

Only noticed it this weekend since KW.


Does seem pretty low, huh?

As far as bugs go, seems you hit the jackpot getting a benign/positive one :joy:will be interesting to see if it changes back again soon.


Yeah, it’s quite low not that I’m complaining or anything loot food and the loot amount is lower than the food it takes to attack :joy:

Had one of those really low ones myself - honestly, this is so low on the bug list imo, and PG is already out for the weekend anyways


Fully agree just making a note of it as it should be easy to isolate and or could be related to wider issues.