Egg Mission Requirement

A number of egg missions require you to simply join a teammate in order to benefit.
e.g. Defeat # bases or Destroy # Towers.
The team mate can do 100% of the work and it counts towards your mission progress.

Other missions require you to do the work.
e.g. Deal # damage with X dragon

Q: Does anyone think this odd? If your mission is to destroy X bases with Draco and your teammate does 100% of the work with draco and without swapping… Should you benefit?

Are you talking about quests or egg missions?

I think the egg missions are fine the way they are…

Missions. That’s why the title for the thread is ‘Egg Mission Requirement’ and the first line of the thread is

Egg missions are far from “fine” if you start talking about scaling but lets not touch that in this thread…

If its true, it’s most likely a glitch. Please delete your post so it doesn’t get fixed. :eyes:


Those missions don’t require you to join a team mate because you can do them entirely by yourself. I don’t think it’s odd for them to count on a team mates run though, afterall it can work both ways if one of you is light on potions or you just want some inflight entertainment on your runs

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I’m not saying any of these missions ‘require’ a teammate, simply that they can be accomplished without any further contribution from yourself other than joining a run.

I’m not understanding why you have an issue with this


I don’t have an issue. I’m simply trying to guage if people think that missions which only you can progress (Kill X bases with Draco) should be able to be progressed by teamates just as most of the missions can (Destroy # Towers).

Again, I have no issue, I just find it odd. :man_shrugging:

Edit: I know that most threads are people complaing about functionality - I’m just seeking opinions here.

I don’t think that it should but am happy that it does. Hoping PG doesn’t change this. :crossed_fingers:


That’s the kind of answer that I’m seeking :arrow_up:

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:face_with_monocle: it’s not really that odd. Most egg missions can be done with a teammate, like loot x lumber, kill x towers, etc. It would be odd if it didn’t count.

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That’s exactly my point. Most do count - ‘Deal # damage with X dragon’ seems to be the only mission that doesn’t count.
edit: and ‘destroy X bases with Y dragon’

It has counted in the past :eyes:

Really? I thought it did count. :thinking:

the deal damage with a dragon does count. I had a do damage mission with ember on this account. the alt account’s ember counted for it :blush:

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That’s what I thought. Deal damage works, kill bases doesn’t.

Also any kill bases doesn’t count for the assistant if the main flyer quits the combat, even if it’s over 70%.

Perhaps the damage does work and i’m mixing it up with the below mission? I’d have to wait for a mission to come back around in order to test.

I’ve just re-tested the ‘Defeat 2 bases using Nosfer’ with the teammate using Nosfer - that didn’t work.


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