Egg Mission Scaling and 4.50 Updates


Players hitting the sapphire and garnet walls are not going to have the full bonus up to vanguard


any word on when this actually will be released? I was really looking forward to trying it out!


This will release with the rest of the update. Unfortunately, I do not have a concrete date just yet.


I hope it come soon cause the tokken update is what player are looking for🧐


1E5EA24A-252D-4160-B9C5-042D50332B31 extra tokens from missions,extra tokens from missions :notes:


What is up with you and that guy? :thinking:


I’m guessing you’ve never seen supernatural


I tried but it was scary. :flushed:


I would be surprised if you did… :neutral_face:




Ya lol… 5% is better then nothing… But it’s still a real big joke…! If only egg token from chest and event and everything was increasing also…this would be lot better…or make it 10-20% per tier… we’ve been waiting a year and a half for that crap boost… Its just ridiculous!


And then short before… delayed​:roll_eyes::man_facepalming:


Im hoping the delay means they are tweaking it to change it up, hopefully in a better payout lol


Lol, don’t hold your breath.


Nah they had one of those famous meetings,and decided too many eggs would make players quit.


Yeah we will know only when the update rolls out… !!!
Will it roll out… Guess we have to stop reacting to any update info posted by PG
Coz for sure about 80% of it is not gone come out at the said time and even there will not be any communication about it before hand. Even if there is going to be an update posted its gone be a one liner stating Update delayed OR its is delayed but not sure how long… lol


In the end its like always

They even nerf the 5%


So… any word what’s happening with these updates?


I guess this thread has to be closed as it still says 4.50 Updates where as the said changes are moved to update 4.60.
This again gives us a thought is the next update 4.60 or we still have some smaller fixes rolling out based on 4.50 and then the 4.60 is gone roll out.
PG has gone silent for now and i assume they dont wana say anything around the release dates unless their testing team confirms the update is a GO with no major defects.


like consume all available egg to get from red to purple upgrade