Egg missions based on Temple Raid dragons

Still not fixed, shocker. Just sped up missions and and they’re for mystic barrage, which I can’t even get access to for another 3 hours since I used Coatl in the event thingy. Awesome. This dragon hasn’t sniffed my roster in like 4-5 months.:+1:

Edit: I guess you don’t need to log onto the forums via the game itself for your name and portrait etc. to update, apparently.


Happened to me too with malefic breath

Same here, twice now with different spells for dragons that are healing out of roster.

Now that makes me curious about who you were before… :grin:

Yep and they flagged me for speaking about this before the event begin. What kind of smart level do that?

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Same problem… Again and again… Please fix ASAP @PGDave @PGJared

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