Egg missions bonus not applied

I claimed the 100% egg token bonus but it don’t applied to my egg missions!
What’s the problem PG?

I placed the both screenshots of them and I hope you will go through it and fix it

Thank you

It very much so is applying there.
Normally you’d be getting a lot less eggs for each mission but the buff should be increasing it by 2x


Are those buffed tokens? I thought we would see like the elite ones show!

If it’s the elite it’s the” + egg token amount “
With the 100% buff and the elite u essentially get x4 egg normally


FYI the bonus is applied at midnight PST if I recall correctly, in other words when you can claim another bounty treasure. I’m not sure it’s immediate (even though I claimed my own boost a few hours ago and apparently it’s already applied).

If it had been over 24 hours and was not applied it would be odd but it looks applied right now indeed. My mini account (Gold tier missions) is getting 25 tokens for the 1h mission in comparison, no boost nor elite.

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No the number just goes up, it’s not shown as a separate plus.


On 1h mission.
Base Red = 20
Plat = 6 tiers above Red, thus (20 + 6) as base.
+100% = 2x 26 = 52.

It’s the boosted value