Egg Missions changed?

Anyone else getting constant egg missions of :

“Destroy 18 Cosmic Orrerys”


“Destroy 25 Cosmic Orrerys”?

Now I’m all for doing a fair few runs to get my egg missions done, but these are CONSTANT, and a large proportion of bases still don’t have orrerys (at level 473 I think atm).

This is asking for more than 25 attacks to get a single egg mission potentially done, if I count my invader base hits as well.

How much time am I supposed to spend on the game to now earn some egg tokens?

Or is there something I’m missing here?
Maybe there’s an xp base out there with just 8 Orrerys on?

[Edit: Thanks for the replies guys, and the explanation behind the mission generation. Glad to know there was a base I could use :+1:]


FUGUTApharaoh on XPfarmslooseX1
3 minutes will do it.


Don’t build so many damn orreries :joy: and you won’t get those.

But yeah I’m getting a fair few orrery missions too, but there are good mission bases out there to deal with those.


The amount of towers you have of a specific tower corresponds to the amount of towers you need to kill for egg missions. I don’t know/have the exact numbers, but by the fact that you are getting missions for 25 orrerys, it sounds like you have 5+ orrerys on your base. If you only have 1 orrery, I believe the 20h mission, you only have to kill 5 of them.


Ah right. Didn’t know this! Thanks guys.

Yeah I littered a few level 1 orrerys around my base, intrigued to whether they’re even slightly irritating in those places.

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Thank you!

I keep getting destroy Howitzers, it’s rather annoying

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These are basically the only missions I get every day, won’t hear me complain​:relieved::joy:.


What I noticed is that missions for specific dragons have disappeared. Probably I missed that in a new version info, but it is most welcome!


The riddles such as dragons quest, egg misions and rider missions are boresome.
It’s part of the game.

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Where I can find thattttttttt many f***ing orrerys ugh…

I’m always going on deleting them and after CD again they arise

PG stop these stupid orrery missions :triumph::rage::angry::angry::angry::angry:

The amount you get is based on how many you have on your base, not arbitrary.

Look here to get an xp base that you can hit to complete it.


YodaYoda on MyXPfarm has 6 of them


On bases like yours :joy: it’s just 2-3 timers the number you have on your own base. If you want it to be lover, store some of your own orreries.


Thank you

Wait, did you check my base?
Do I need to remove them to get less number of orrerys in the missions?
Do they affect the no. of orrerys in the missions?

No, I just know the numbers in missions are based on the number you have yourself.


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