Egg Token Bonus breakdown ... still weighing it ⚖️

The prizes and amount of sigils are exactly the same for the 100% and 125%. I dunno if the prizes for the 100% are comparable to last season’s … but does it really matter anyway. Gotta do some thinking on the 125%. :eyes:

ty for the breakdown

I always end up with lose sigils anyways so for me is 125% worth it, get it? :grin:

Good to see that the copy&paste school of game design is still thriving. :laughing:

Bear in mind that if the second bonus is like the first bonus, it stacks multiplicatively with elite, so you end up with 4.5x the base token rate.

I think it’s pretty good for most people, although non-scaling prizes are certainly disappointing. If you expect to grind tokens much, definitely pick it up. If you don’t . . . still consider picking it up. :wink:

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I’m actually excited that it has the same prizes for PvP and mystic fragments in the second half. I was always wishing i could keep claiming the egg token bonus branch when it was done, like redo it over and over.


Hand written notes! Spiffy! Im used to everyone making a spreadsheet :rofl:

I personally plan to skip the token bonus entirely this time. I claimed it the last 3 seasons in a row. But I found empirically that while it increases your theoretical egg tokens by 100%, it only increased my actual tokens by about 15% based on how I actually play.

To get the max benefit you need to do the little quests every hour. Some of us just aren’t that dedicated :joy:


I went straight for the token boost today, completed until the ember just before 100%. Didn’t claim the ember and 100%, then did the discount sorc.

Reason is because that maximises my egg token and mystic frag payout which I need right now. Also token boost line goodies prep me for next week’s pvp.

I’ll claim the 100% at end of this week, setting up for rest of season. :muscle::facepunch:


Each to their own, but 15% is a good amount of additional tokens over a whole season, it’s easily a five digit number for most active players so more than other season branches get you for the low amount of sigils.

Also bear in mind that the prizes of the egg token branch itself are better than the other branches without discounts. It has of the highest token per sigil returns with the massive amount of mystic frags in there.

It’s exactly the same as last season, (if I didn’t input anything wrong ;-; ) with double the goodies if you go for paying double price.

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Hmm, I think my season plan is now to get the egg token bonus all the way then focus the rest of the season on the rider. I have plenty of divine dragons for now and I will be able to start off next season strong. Maybe I’ll even manage to get the mythic hunter :laughing:


That’s what I’m doing too. My constraint has recently switched from timers to eggs and this looks like the cheapest way of getting them. I liked the look of the sorcerer, and adaptive resist looks useful but mystic barrage? Not so much …

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