Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


Please bring your conversation regarding the Egg Token Bonus Compensation Announcement here.

Egg Token Bonus Compensation

I am quite pleased with this resolution. Good job, PG.


:heart_eyes: stunning. Thank you.


First outcome of the Summit. Looking forward to more. :+1:


Wow, now this is some compensation that I can get excited over! Awesome, thank you PG!


Cool! I like that! Thank you, Arelyna, Harbinger of Good News.


For the people with season egg boosts, I’d say you guys got a fine deal!

For those without the boosts… 2k eggs for a entire breed event with no Egg boost Does not seem equivalent.

@Arelyna this 2k eggs is taking into consideration the breed event of 9/26 without the natural breed event egg bonus?




Better then I expected but nowhere what I’ve lost.
So are you addressing the not getting chests aswell.


I have absolutely 0 complaints with this. Very nice job indeed. You guys did 2 good things in a row! First the free portrait and now this!


I think chests are a little sketchier when it comes to compensation. With egg tokens, you can do some back of the envelope calculations to figure out roughly how many egg missions happened over a set period of time within a margin of error. How many someone earns is dependent on so many factors.


Question: when will we get this?



Not to be negative, I don’t even have the breeding boost, but from the cadence thread isn’t the breeding boost now only going to be 66% as effective what with the increase of breeding event frequency? Those extra boosts to the original boost looks like a decent fix for that. Make it permanent. :eyes:


I have to agree that 2k egg tokens for missing out on the token boost during the first breeding event of the season is rather insulting. If my breeding token boost had been working I would have spent time and rubies speeding up those egg missions to make the most of the short boost. As it was, I did not do this as it was a waste of rubies to expedite the missions.

Edit: I could have very easily pushed to get 5k egg tokens (or maybe more) a day during the event. That’s 30k egg tokens over the course of the event. (And while my breeding event egg bonus worked during this past event, I really did not have the time to grind egg tokens due to RL circumstances.)


Agreed. As I said on another thread, either the boost needs to increase in order to be worth 6300 sigils or the price needs to come down to reflect that the bonus is now worth objectively less with the new cadence.


You clearly missed the part where it says they’re increasing the bonus…


I’m talking about for seasons beyond this one.


Wrong thread for that lol


Only for the remainder of the season for people who had purchased the token boost because it was broken. Wolf and I are talking about going forward through future seasons if the new cadence sticks.


I was just tying it in loosely since the compensation boost would make up for that discrepancy if it was made the norm.