Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


Also, we just passed a breed event. Save your tokens people. They should be here before the next one comes around.


But I wants them…Right meow!!!


It’s not about spending the tokens now, it’s about the fact that everyone on my team who was owed compensation received it. I would like to have someone acknowledge that I’m owed the 8k and that they will be getting it to me.


Oh, of course!

Sorry, but that’s just lame.

I knew it was broken, other thousands of players knew it, too, yet still bought it.

So everyone got their original token boost doubled.


I feel like I should double your allowance. Shoot, I’m feeling generous. I’ll quintuple it!

How about not using the bonus? Maybe use the base amount as the thing to double. Helps those with the bonuses exactly the same and doesn’t screw everyone who opted to not get something that has been broken for months.


Orrrr they could simply give everyone a 200% breeding event bonus instead of 100%? Same time frame for grinding out your missions :slight_smile:


You didn’t get the christmas lights because you knew they were faulty.

Me and my whole neighborhood bought them despite the warning: they are faulty.

My neighborhood burnt to ashes, the insurance paid off.

You, whose property is intact, can’t claim it, but can be compensated for the power outage (breeding event)


You’re treating this like it costs them anything to give more.

But sure, whatever. What happens if I choose to get the bonus now that it’s working?

Nothing. I’m still out. Whatever.


More like I got lights last season. My house burned down. Insurance said nothing. They were looking into the claim.

I paid to fix my house.

More lights were being sold. I didn’t buy them again. Other people did. Houses burned again.
Insurance looked into it. And this time, they paid out. But some of us never got paid for the first burned house.


This, 100%. Shame last seasons issues are being ignored


Yes, exactly!

But the old claims are closed. (shame or not shame, that ship is long gone) and this whole thing is about The “Duskfall Egg Token Boost Misery”


Your capacity for understanding is greatly appreciated.


Please try and avoid the bickering amongst yourselves.


I wish I could say the same :hugs:


Great compensation, thank you! I love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Arelyna How does support come to the conclusion I never claimed the bonus?


thank you pg


@NULLvoid, looks like you were able to get the ticket resolved with the agent.


I still haven’t gotten my 8k eggs and i do have the 125% boost


Thank you for the compensation it was very generous. It restored my faith in all the issues and you all fixing and compensating for all the issues.