Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


Is there a fix on the way for those not receiving the correct amount of boost? I got the 125% with Garnet tier and am not receiving the correct number of eggs. I’ve sent in a ticket about it but they were not able to fix it for me :pensive:


That looks like the correct number of eggs to me ?!?!

I’m talking rubbish again


Those are the numbers for 200%, the poster should have the 250% boost assuming they already had bought the 125% boost when the compensation was handed out.


Yes I should be receiving 250% on 150% increase for Garnet tier. Still haven’t heard about a fix for the missing egg tokens I’m losing now … wish support would actually help. Lol


@GreyPoupon, I PM’d you.

@LadyWildFire, if you didn’t get the egg tokens please contact our support team.


I still have not received the 8k egg tokens


Then contact the support team in game as Arelyna suggested…


Can we please get a response on compensation for those who had this problem all last season and got nothing?


Vote of thanks. Whilst I wished for this to be addressed I was not expecting it to be resolved or compensated.
Does it help everyone? No does it solve frustration at the time of the event ? No.
Is it a compromise? Yes. It addresses that there was a problem and give a direct reward (uniform works amour as average not individual) and an ongoing response to show remorse and to help rectify the issue.
Thank you PG for listening, understanding and attempting to redress this problem.
The doctor


My tokens are racking up quickly :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Love it sooooo much!!!


It would be great to have the 200 and 250% as options for the egg token boost going forward. I had the 250% temporarily whilst you rolled it out (thanks for the small freebie :kissing_heart::wink:) and I would happily splash out on sigils for that in a season- actually felt like a decent amount when doing runs


Me too. It would probably be expensive as fuck… but I’d most likely get it. Need those :eggtoken: real badly. :t_rex:


12k sigils, I guess


Overall I’m very happy with the compensation. BUT, there is some wording used in the original post by Arelyna that says “for the case where someone already has the 100% boost and decides to claim the 125% after today would only receive the 200% boost.” I had the 100% boost and bought the 125% boost the day of the announcement. The message clearly says “after today” implying if you bought the bonus that day (Oct. 24th) you’d receive the 125%/250% bonus.

Instead, I"m getting the 200% bonus and the 3200’ish sigils I spent got me nothing.

I’ve been working with support for days (ticket #1430922)on this with no resolve and I’m asking for the full 250% bonus OR the 3200 sigils back. This seems reasonable because the announcement clearly implies what I assumed.



Well what you said isn’t entirely true…


I remember reading it as mechengg screenshot, and that is exactly why I did NOT claim the last half of the line.


I think s/he was referring to this part

However I can’t judge if this counts or not.

Like, if you hadn’t had that 125% boost before the very last minute then you had no problem with that boost not working.


Indeed. The wording there does say after today, not from this moment on.

I think the intent was mostly apparent, given the earlier language, but what it says and what was meant are quite different.


I’m not questioning that there is information that is counter to my assumption. But there is conflicting information here and based on that conflicting information I mistakenly spent 3200 sigils and got zero benefit for it.

I’ve said I’m okay with either outcome (getting the bonus or refunding of sigils), but I believe the conflicting information would give me reason to ask for one or the other.


Well you got 17 other prizes correct? Those 17 prizes you collected actually have a TON of value and that is what i’m going for after i’m done with Pathox if i have sigils left. So it’s honestly not that bad.

Also, you use the word assumption. That is the worst thing you can do when arguing facts here…