Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


I think the intent was (since this was posted prior to the event coming live and the bonus from being able to be purchased) that anybody that had already claimed this would have the benefit, and anybody after reading this note wouldn’t be able to quickly run out and get a last minute added benefit from it.

Do you agree with the intent?


Yes, that is what I meant.

Taken in context, it was apparent to me that claiming the bonus after the announcement would not make a difference.


There’s no question the intent. But there’s also no questioning that the statement I quoted means different that the intent. And if a representative of a company says something and someone relies on the literal wording of it then it it’s not unreasonable to ask for a refund. I’m okay with all the 17 prizes being refunded if you’re suggesting that it’s worth the 3200 sigils (for me I wouldn’t have purchased those for 3200 sigils…maybe you would).

This was a respectful request to review my ticket as I believe there are grounds to stand on here.


The thing is, PG can just tell you no.

The options are to quit or deal with it.

If you haven’t spent money, then you have no recourse with Apple/Google.

You’re right, but it doesn’t really matter here.


You didn’t get the 100% bonus this season? :eyes:


Re-read it :slight_smile:


Reread and don’t get it …




Maybe he was talking about the 125% … and got the 100% already


He is talking about the difference between the 100% prize and the 125% prize correct?
I said that i was going to get the next 17 prizes after pathox (minus the 125% prize which won’t get me anything extra)



That’s how I read it.


Still waiting for the chest drop issues to be fixed and any compensation that might come. Any word on what might be happening yet?


We are still working on the chest drop one. Looks like that one will take some more time


@Arelyna will we maintain the increased token boosts during the next breeding event or will it decrease back down to 100% for that event?


Historically your egg token boosts still work during breeding, they just don’t get multiplied by the breeding bonus that appears for those who haven’t claimed any egg token bonuses. Last season I got the 125% egg token boost and those levels stayed at the 125% level, even during breeding events.

It’s only when you get the 100% egg token boost that you can’t tell which is active, since it matches the natural boost that arrives with breeding events :slight_smile:


I think she was just explaining how it works to answer the question above her post. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, sometimes my eyes read what they want not what is actually there :grimacing:


Yep Im aware of that part, I also had the 125% last season but as far as I know we’ve never had this double boost so Im wondering if the event will recognize say the 200% boost or if it’ll drop us back down to 100% for the event. I had heard last season there were some issues with the 125% boost not overriding the breeding event boost and they had just 100%


Hmm, that is a good question. I’d keep an eye on it when breeding starts and put in a ticket if the boost goes down :laughing:


Any way we can get a post from an official PG employee about how much we should be receiving for each % of egg token bonus of each tier to make sure we are getting the correct amount? I got the 125% at beginning of season and just want to make sure im getting what i should