Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


My mini has the 250 % with sapphire balloon, he gets 95+95 on the 1h mission.


Didn’t Crisis link my token amounts in the other official thread? 🤷



links to


It will take precedence over the breeding one.


new season is quickly approaching… who will be the guinea pig to let us all know if the egg token buff is working or broken? :smirk::crazy_face::monkey:


Not the guinea pig (lol) but what are you considering about the egg bonus, @Arelyna? I’m at obsidian and breeding 1 dragon per event with a bit of grind and generally the 450k sigil prize. It seems more adjusted to what it should be like this, than the normal values. Will you keep this or revert to the 100/125%?


I’d love to see the token bonus line get expanded with these bigger bonuses added as a more permanent thing. They’d have to have a correspondingly high sigil cost, of course, but being able to get 2-4 dragons per breeding event rather than my normal 1-2 has been fantastic. Granted, I usually have the sigils to complete two lines plus the 6k egg bonus each season, but I personally would gladly substitute in a 200% bonus for one of those dragons… My lineup is getting full anyways. I think people behind on their breeding would be even more excited about the idea.

Add in a crapton of timers (or double timer drops, or… something) as well and make it a “progression line”.

New Season Reward Line

I’d like to get a timer bonus line…

Tokens help to about 300 or so, then the restriction switches fast.


The 200% boost was nice. PG, please break token boost in Winter so we can be compensated like this again. :slight_smile:


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