Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


Nice one very happy with that . Guess pg chocolate is far more observant than coffee was


Anyway, @Arelyna, any word on when those of us who had atlas elite when the nightmare update rolled out can expect that compensation? It’s been a long time since atlas was down for over 24 hours…


Please keep comments on topic to this compensation. Event cadence comments should go in that thread. The extension for Atlas Elite following Version 4.80’s release was applied automatically to accounts that had it active at the time.


Maybe they can make the next breeding bonus 200% (minimum) for everyone?


Im sorry if this sounds like a silly question but…

Will this be a “gift” we accept or have the tokens already been added to the account?
Is this “double bonus” effective immediately?

Thanks in advance!


2k egg tokens. When the bonus broke during breeding week, it wasnt just for those with 100 or 125% boost. It was for every one, and the compensation for that entire week is … 2k eggs ?

But a very reasonable compensation for those with the boosts though ! A step in the right direcrion at the least :slightly_smiling_face:


What about chests? When my egg token boost wasn’t working, chests weren’t dropping either. I missed out on hundreds of chests.


The bonus is now active but no gift yet


It’s not 66% as effective.

Previously, the 100% prize egg bonus line gave an advantage 3 out of every 4 weeks. Now it gives an advantage 2 out of 3 weeks. For easy math, let’s say 9 out of 12 weeks vs. 8 out of 12 weeks.

So the bonus is 8/9 ths (~89%) as effective. And still totally worth it imo, as at least personally the new cadence makes it tough to hit a full dragon without it + grinding.


I’m pretty happy with the compensation for season boost owners but is there any chance we could get the 200% for everyone during the next breeding event? As others have said, 2k tokens isn’t much for anyone who was counting on the breeding event bonus


Last I check it wasn’t, and when I brought it up, Jared said you guys were waiting until all the bugs had been fixed to roll out compensation for that. So did the compensation happen or not? My elite expired naturally and I never had an extra day.


Happy with this one, time for some farming…


That’s a decent compensation, thank you for that.
Only question is when are we getting that? My teammates already get the boost but not me yet :sweat_smile:

Nevermind, 10 minutes later but I got the bonus as well. Thanks again, much appreciated.


I had the “new content has been added to your account. The game will automatically restart” message, but nothing happened.

The 4hr mission is still 117+117 (125% platinum)


Smart of PG to do it this way. 8K isn’t enough to make or break breeding any dragon. Now folks will play even more for that big boost for the rest of the season hitting those 1 hour missions.


@Arelyna a is this supposed to be correct for thise who claimed the 100%


The doubled percentage amount should be live as of right now.

@Wolf, if you submit a ticket, our Support Team would be able to credit it. Not sure why that did not happen.


Mine after the forced update. 125% boost claimed, Saph blimp.


Just want to say I am very pleased with this resolution. People can be super negative on this forum (myself included), but PG still does a much better job than most mobile game companies when it comes to customer service and listening to feedback. Thank you @Arelyna and everyone else that worked to make this happen!


-The increased boost is very nice

-2k-10k eggs is not particularly impressive given how much was missed out on. Bare minimum it really should have been 20k-30k

-I really feel there should have been some sigils included in this. Many people (including myself) missed out on being able to reach the next prize in the breeding event because we lost our token boost. 500 sigils sent to everyone would have been a really nice move to help people who were hit by this recover what was lost.

Is there going to be any compensation for the chests not dropping as well? That was part of the problem also brought up in the previous thread and many people missed out on hundreds, if not thousands of chests. Including maybe 100 bronze chests would have also been appropriate. It’s not like 100 bronze chests is going to be game-changing and even though some people probably missed out on a lot more than that it would have at least been something.