Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


Love it!!! :dancer:t3::man_dancing:t3::dancer:t3::man_dancing:t3:


I’m very satisfied with this resolution and will be grinding my ass off with this boost. I knew that getting the 125% boost this time wasn’t a mistake.

Hell yes.

I am still curious about possible chest compensation due to the broken chest drop thing that happened as well. But I suppose that is for another topic. In the meantime, thank you. :t_rex:


As far as I know, compensation for chests not dropping would be a separate one as this is still an ongoing issue that has yet to be resolved just yet.

Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops

That’s seems low if its doubled, shouldnt it be 122+122


BOOM! Ya’ll done it! :clap:


So we might still get compensated for the lost chests? That would be awesome. And thank you for taking player suggestions to heart, really. So much more positivity than the usual threads!


Does mine right? I have elite, 100% bonus, and garnet balloon. So much math involved I don’t have a pen and paper right now. :flushed:

Edit: Corrected … 100% bonus, not 125


No. Base rate is 20, so getting 350% (100% + 250% bonus) times 1.35 for Sapphire blimp = 94.5… Which they kindly round up to 95 it appears.


125% and elite :eyes:


I have 98 + 98 and have 125% boost and am garnet.

Edit: I have the boost looks like but not the 8k tokens…


Looks like you’re getting the 200%, not the 250%.

20 * 300% * 1.4 = 84.


@Sam it doesn’t look like your compensation bonus is active


Another pathetic compensation . It does nothing for the 100k tokens lost during the weeks bonus has worked not worked. As usual y’all take scraps,and flip out over it.


egg boost yay


Where is my bonus? I got the 100% egg token bonus…but…doesnt appear to be active…


20 * 300% * 1.25 = 75


It is but you dont have elite active


Let’s not compliment someone by trashing someone else, please.

That’s a different issue entirely.


I think it depends on how long yours was broken. Mine was only broken for one week so it’s a good deal for me


lol never mind then :slight_smile: this is the first time for me to have the bonus so thought it would show like during breeding events… silly me