Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


how long we have to wait to get the 8k token?


Amazing, thank you :heart_eyes:


Would be nice except my bonus still isn’t working, I have that may tickets regarding this and no solution yet


As far as the tokens themselves I think this is fair for the people with egg bonus… for those without (I have the bonus btw) I think it’s a slap in the face unless you’ll be doubling the bonus during the breeding events? But as mentioned elsewhere it doesn’t take into account potential prizes lost as a result, I know this to be true as I myself wound up buying a pack to make up the difference so I could reach my prize goal… a pack I wouldn’t have needed had the boost been active…


Jaorb verified mine. I was trying to multi-task when I wrote my post … old age makes multi-tasking dangerous :sweat_smile:


Hey, with what I understand we should get double tokens for our token missions, but what we are getying in real isnt double, need clarification on that. Obsidian ballon 4hour mission should be 270+270, but I am getying 210+210. @Arelyna


New mission amounts based on the new bonuses

Egg Token Bonus Compensation

You are a gem.


It’s easy when you build the tools properly. Copy/paste the rows and change the % and it all auto updates haha


Well poop. I guess this account isn’t messed up and my alt is even more messed up than I thought lol. Teach me to do math based on differences between my accounts again. Thanks for saving me for being dumb for too long lol :joy::see_no_evil:


If you spent tokens on the boost that hasn’t worked for 2 seasons great…this is good…those of us that didn’t but still got shorted by the breeding event boost itself for 2 events get 2000 eggs…lol…wow…that is all!


Thank you for the lovely chart @mechengg!


It’s much more difficult for PG to fairly gauge (guess, really) the opportunity cost of what you “may” have lost. In Liz’s case, real life circumstances got in the way. Such an individual wouldn’t have made use of the bonus much anyway and then would’ve been compensated for something that they may not have actually lost out on and thus be made more than whole (net positive).

With the updated compensation bonus (for those who have already unlocked the 100%/125% season bonus), you can now prove that you would’ve grinded and worked hard by actually grinding / speeding up missions for the remainder of the season. It almost makes up for the time lost, not quite, but ~75% of the way there now that we’re a bit past the halfway point in the season.

For those without the season bonus, the 2k is definitely harder to swallow.


thanks for that but looks like its still messed up as this is with no bonus at Harbinger level


No worries, it’s all in the vault when people need it in all different formats for peoples liking :slight_smile:


Lmao my bad sorry. It turns out the account I was using for reference wasn’t getting the correct boost :sweat_smile:


That is with the 250% bonus. Take a look at the chart and it matches perfectly :man_shrugging:


yes but no bonus has been claimed lol


Then you haz a freebie :shushing_face:
(i’m also not calling out others i know who have this same “problem”)


During first breeding event I had time to grind but no egg token bous during the breeding event… The one that just ended I DID have the bouns but no time to use to grind it with…

So I lost out both times more or less.