Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


So, one question: for 125% boost holders, that seems to add up to 18k additional tokens, correct? (2k + 8k for 100% boost + 8k for 125% boost)

Also, very happy with the 200 and 250% solutions. It is the only way to reimburse everyone equally, without shortchanging grinders.

And anyone still complaining about losing out on the bonus during events, uh, duh, you will make it up grinding the rest of the season :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:


I sure feel stupid…I thought the amounts would double when they doubled the boost % lol


Ty pg this is a good comp on the bonus not much on the tokens but if grinded right shoud be loaded enough so ty again


LOL yes it’s all built off the base amount, which is rather low to begin with.


Props, this is adequate and perhaps could even be called generous to those with boosts (myself included). I think, certainly in comparison, that people without boosts got a rather short straw here. But still props, good decision!


@Arelyna where do we claim the tokens portion of the compensation? The 250% boost is working, but I didnt get the 18k tokens.


I really don’t think that an extra 25% will give folks an extra 8k tokens above and beyond the 10k…
I read it as you either have the 100% or 125%, not both.


When are the lump sum egg tokens being distributed?


I am not positive on the timing for that, but I am asking the team.


If the boosts dont stack I dont see why the compensation would stack. Pretty sure it’s just 2k or 10k


The wording isn’t clear.

No, the boosts don’t stack, but you have to go through one to get to the other.


You are EITHER a 100% bonus holder or a 125% bonus holder.

You cannot hold both at the same time.

EDIT: In game it states “[the 125% bonus] replaces the 100% breeding token bonus…”


Technically, since you have to get one to get the other, you hold both a 100% boost and a 25% boost…


No. Read in game.

It REPLACES, not adds 25%

One or the other


You will fall into one category or the depending on which you currently have.


We can argue all day, but I asked Arelyna :man_shrugging:


Thank you for the clarification.


Reading comprehension 101 from the engineer, you should feel ashamed lol.


I’m just an engineering tech. You guys read, I do.

I have to claim one to get the other, therefore I had one boost for a period, and the other for a period. Technically, we should be entitled to the extra 8k :man_shrugging:

But, they say we get one or the other, we get one or the other. I’m honestly happy with 250%, just asked for clarification.


Thank you PG. :hugs: