Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


Then what about this. Perhaps this would be fair.

X = period you had 100% bonus
Y = period you had 125% bonus
Z = Total time

X + Y = Z
8k/X + 8k/Y = ?/Z

Solve the system of equations. :slight_smile:


Dammit, you win.

I am quite pleased with the compensation, honestly.

If this came out of the you know what with the we don’t know who, then great job :+1: Wish we could thank you individually :smiling_imp::wink:


Eh whatever, 10k or 18k, just wanted to make sure they didnt forget to hit send on it lol


is it possible to know more or less within what is activated?

for example I had the problem of eggs but I still have 100% standard.

thank you


I understand the reasoning behind only giving the additional boost to people who already had it and were therefore impacted, but I didn’t bother to get it due to knowing that it was broken. It didn’t seem promising on when it’d be fixed either :see_no_evil:

Anyway, get grinding (to people who have the super boost) :tada:


When’s the actual eggs coming?


This still holds true @Ndawen. I have an ask out to the team, but have not heard back just yet.


As long as it comes in time for the breeding event, most peeps should be fine. No need to stress otherwise :woman_shrugging:


This is really unfair to those who doesnt have 100% and 125% boosts because during breeding, eveyone have same breeding tokens compare to their lvl and 2 k is not enough for that. You should compensate more for those ppl as well. Thanks


I feel like you guys should have this kind of thing in order before announcing compensation. :confused: :t_rex:


@hellraptor, there was an issue that required immediate attention from the people who send out the Breeding Token part of the compensation. They are working hard to get it out to everyone as quickly as possible.


Except that those people didnt pay anything for that boost. The token boost wasnt just deactivated during that breeding event. It has been turning on and off for the last 2 seasons. Plus the issue was primarily with people who had the seasonal boost which caused them to completely lose all token boosts.


@Arelyna can you confirm if you already had the 100% boost if you get 2k plus an additional 8k tokens for the gift or just the 8k.
Thank you.


I have the egg boost but got 2k and not 8k :thinking:


Same thing here. Got 2K for having the 125% boost. Is there another one on the way?


I have the 100% and the 2k and 8k came separately a few minutes apart






Same here. :t_rex:


Me too