Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


I only got 2k


So players who claimed the 125% boost should be getting 10k or 18k?

The wording leads me to believe that it should 18k for 125% holders, and getting the same compensation as someone who got the 100% is really feeling like a stab in the back if it’s only 10k


This works. Anyway, you’ll have a 250% bonus for the rest of the season, which should help you recoup your losses.

Arelyna hasn’t confirmed that 125% boost isn’t 18k, but given the lack of people who’ve received 18k…


@Arelyna could please confirm if 125% holder would be receiving 10k or 18k total tokens.

The 250% bonus is nice and all, but who the hell knows if it actually going to work for more than a week or so, and I am willing to bet that even with 18k tokens it is still far less than I’ve lost so far this season.


The 250% bonus is what’s supposed to make up for what you lost (mostly, I think). The egg tokens are more an apology that the issue happened in the first place.


I am 125% token bonus holder and claimed 2k and 8k -total 10k tokens compensation today. Did anyone get 18k tokens ?


No it was never meant to be 18k.suck it up buttercup like everyone says this is a awesome compensation gift. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


This is not an awesome compensation gift, this is lackluster BS to appease the masses


I only received the 2k, should be 8k added. Still waiting


I opened a ticket and they got me the 8k quickly after only getting the 2k pack.


Wtf dude, she did confirm you only get 10k, no matter which boost :man_facepalming: Try reading back a bit…

And how is it lackluster? You were without the token boost MAYBE half the season, if you were unlucky. You get twice the boost for the rest of the season.

Seems like fair compensation to me.


Does the cost of ruby to reset token mission change?

Would it be a good use of rubies to reset mission after the new boost?


Ruby cost does not increase


Right? I’m sure that there are plenty of people who’d be happy to have the super boosts for the remaining seven weeks :rofl:

It may not be as ideal as crediting people what they’d have gotten, but it’s better than only the flat amount across everyone, regardless of boost; it’s even segmented in a practical manner.


What about compensation for having the bonus broken for most of last season? Nothing at all for that?


There’s just no pleasing some people.
I’m personally grinding my ass off right now because this boost is AWESOME and I’m not complaining. The conpensation may not be the best esp. for those who have missed out on a lot of the boost but this is certainly better compensation than in the past. :t_rex:


Thank you, the compensation was fair and appreciated!


Sheep will be sheep I guess. Oh well until next huge bug.


I agree that for those who had the token bonuses claimed, this is nice. I do appreciate it.

I also agree that for those who did not have the token bonuses claimed, it’s pretty crappy. I don’t see why, if giving 2k tokens for those active in the last 14 days, they couldn’t also just give the basic 100% breeding boost to those same people for the remainder of the season.

It’s just a few weeks and not like they won’t use their sigils on other things anyway.


I got the 8k first, then less than a minute later another 2k.

With the 250% boost applied, it will be a pleasure to do these missions. I have only two weeks to get the missing 75k for Ursa!