Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


Thanks for the compensation PG.


thank you so much for the apology gift and the doubling of the egg token bonus till the end of the season - love it!!!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Mine has been broken for nearly 3 weeks. In Atlas alone, if I figure 20 days of egg token chests lost, it is 6000 tokens. There is the quest sigils lost on two weekends . The 2000 egg tokens is an insult. It doesn’t compensate for such a major disruption in play. Three weeks of play out of the Darkfall season, and it is impossible to catch up on sigil progress without spending a huge amount of money.



I’m not usually very positive about PG but you got this pretty right for those with the season boosts.

However for those without it’s a pittance. Could you do 200% in the next breed event for all to make up for the lack of it for everyone in the first breed. This would bring it in line with the other compensation


What does this have anything to do with atlas or quests?


@Arelyna question: I “only” have the 100% egg token bonus so far.

If I upgrade now to 125% will the additional 25% also be doubled?
Or will it only affect those who had the boost running by the time of the rollout?
Thanks already


This is correct.


You are right grumpy… I was speaking about the black screen problem. I am seething about that, and it isn’t fixed. That is 331 egg tokens a day just for lost tribute, and probably another 150 tokens a day for Atlas missions. That is something apart from the seasonal bonus, if you spent sigils to achieve that prize and haven’t received it.


I got token boost too 125% but in compensations I only got the 2k. My teammates got 2+8! Writing a ticket seems useless since i get an autoreply stating they will not do anything to correct this. Even if the problemn is recognized! Well i think i know how many Halloween-packs i will buy. Probably the same number as the correction in the compensation i got! Pls PG just fix this!

Hello JustBlue,

I’m very sorry about this, but I will be unable to compensate you more for this issue at this time. While we understand that this issue is frustrating, there is no more specific compensation for this issue being offered.
We will continue working to resolve issues and make War Dragons an enjoyable game for all players.
We apologize again for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Thank you for playing game with us and happy hunting!

War Dragons support


Pretty sweet compensation, thanks PG!


It seems like those with the 100% or 125% are getting overcompensated while leaving the people who had no boosts extremly behind.

If every boost is getting doubled, might as well doubled for everyone lmfao…



But those who didn’t invest in the sigils to get the boosts must not have been all that interested in farming egg tokens in the first place and probably didn’t miss out on much.

The only period during which a person without boost would have benefited is during breed event; if boosts were also not working outside a breed event, people who didn’t purchase boosts missed out on 0. It’s those who got the boosts in the first place but weren’t working who missed out on the most, so it seems fair to be compensated most.


Or they had other priorities this season for example getting pathox and settled for grinding hard during the token bonus during breeding


regardless the reason why certain players didn’t go for the 100 or 125% token boost, they certainly were way less affected by this. While us, who went for it straight, certainly lost more. Activity level dropped, participation in general, and also, spending rubies and real money.

So I ask you, how would you even think of getting the same level of compensation to everyone? In which universe could it be fair**?

** fair as between the fractions of players, not individuals.


I don’t farm egg tokens, just do he dailys a few times when I log in through out the day, much like anyone without the boost would do. So idk what your point here is, you are making assumptions out of the blank.

Nop my alt account was broken during breeding, missing out on much more than 2k tokens.

and we were? we get an additional 8k tokens

less affected does not mean they weren’t under compensated.

How is an additional 8k token the same level of compensation?

In conclusion during breeding is where most players without the boost farm their tokens, just like I do with my alt. The first breeding event of the season tons of people had broken boosts, and I guaranteed you even if they didn’t had the bonus at the time, they still lost way more than 2k.

Granted, I would say a very fair way to resolve this issue, and PG might have already done it, is to let everyone get the 250% boost during breed.


I’m sure there will be separate compensation for that.


You misinterpreted what I meant:

I didn’t evaluate the amount of tokens each group received, but the ratio and doubling the boost.

(I do agree that the bulk tokens’ amount seems to be sort of weak, though…)


Mine isn’t working lol I should be getting 98, 196, and 392 for Garnet tier and 125% bonus. :pensive:


chart shows how many tokens we was getting before. Some1 correct me but it been said we are getting 250% who had 125%, so I understand that as double amount of tokens. But chart tgat been added before has lower values and in game we are getting lower amount of tokens, not double. @Arelyna could you please clarify that


Well if you are gonna say “The same level of compensation” you gotta evaluate the entire package not just part of it.

2k & 10k + double has quite a difference of 8k tokens as it is, without the unboosted people getting a 100% boost that difference will increase quite a bit over the next 42 days. I would say on average, players with boost are getting a reward of 40k tokens vs 2k tokens for those without boost.