Egg Token Bonus Compensation Official Discussion Thread


The bonus is doubled, not the total amount.


Well, that is true.

But during the ETB downtime the estimated difference would have been also significant between those who had it, and those who didn’t.

Doubling the boost for the remainder of the season makes up for it - hopefully.

Zero boost X2 is still zero, those folks only missed out on the breeding week. The boosters missed out every single day, for them the event doesn’t matter.

That weighs differently, doesn’t it? And not just 8k.

The non-boosters were probably undercompensated, but that doesn’t mean they should get 250%… That would be overcompensation big time, and spitting the boosters between the eyes. But if they got 100% for time of the breeding events missed, now that would be nice.


But that’s not what I suggested, I suggested a 100% increase for the unboosted people which would bring the above example to 17k vs 40k assuming the put the same work on daily missions, that’s still a difference of 33k tokens, the difference also gets bigger and bigger the more effort you put into missions.

Unless you are referring to this

This is only during breed, and is actually extremely fair, actually even 200% instead of 250% would be good, because now they can grind the tokens they missed on past breeding events.


we just found the common wavelength :slight_smile:


Thank you @Morreion now I see my head wasnt working :frowning:


I claimed the 125% boost early in the season.

Last night I received the 2000 eggs for compensation.

Then I received another 8000 eggs for compensation.

Is this is a mistake?


Nope, it is correct.


Cool thanks. Had me worried - never know what might accidentally get you banned after the 4.8 debacle, so :man_shrugging:


@PGJared miiiiiiight want to get the PX team all on the same page with what is posted above :thinking:


Support team :sweat_smile:


Thx :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I misinterpreted it, assuming it was one or the other.


My egg token bonus was missing ofr atleast 2 each day i can farm upto 4k egg tokens which puts my missing egg tokens upto 56k and i get compensated for just 8k eggs seriously Pg.

Edit : Sorry i didn’t see the 200% thing. thank you pg.


Hey has anyone else noticed this since yesterday update…i have elite account but didnt get 100% or 125% but based on Martiiisss numbers i’m getting the non elite numbers.
I’m sure i was getting more before the update yesterday (on IOS)


with no boost and therefore no additional compensation it looks correct to me.


Thanks for listening and doing something regarding egg token mission…


@mechengg, thanks for the heads up. I’ve already bugged the rest of our Support Team about it (again).


Some people missed out because they didn’t have the boost working most of last season and they had no reason to waste the sigils on this season. So they should be glad for the 2k tokens?

I know I find that less that sufficient.


Maybe I can get an actual answer here. When will I be seeing the 8k token compensation that every post I’ve seen has clearly indicated I am owed? @Arelyna


What’s the rush to get them this exact minute?

I got the same response, and it appears that they are doing a root cause analysis instead of trying to appease people 1 person at a time (which is a heavy workload).