Egg token bonus

Anyone else not getting the egg token bonus , since the update

Yep I lost token bonus for awhile & no chests was only getting rubies… :roll_eyes:

The last 10 days have been horrible!

I usually do not have many problems except ones that hit league or game wide but not recently…

Lost points & Xp to a stupid glitch in last PVP (Support keeps asking for additional screenshots & dumb questions with event being over I’m also over it lol)

Never really had this problem before but now Game has been crashing & freezing a lot the last couple days…

No chest drops just rubies very seldom…

And then lost my egg token boosts…Really sucks because I have no idea how long I read LC they were talking about it & checked and sure enough mine was gone too :rage:

Not sure what is going on but it can stop anytime now and I would be ok with that :grin:

Hi guys had to reset all three then it came back

Dont remember how much it gave…was it 40+40, 80+80 and 160+160?

That what i got right now with the bonus…!

Is that right? It seem low…did they lower it, it seem to me that I already had 320+320 for the last mission…!

Base Egg tokens are 20, 40 and 80,

Elite is 20+20, 40+40, 80+80

Breeding event bonus is 40+40, 80+80, 160+160

Egg tokens bonus is 40+40, 80+80, 160+160 (at all time except Breeding event)

Correct me if I’m wrong please but I think I am right (never claimed the token bonus btw but that’s what I learned from others)


The Breeding Event Bonus and Egg Token Bonus do not stack.
This question comes up every breeding event.

This is not as usual since seasoned players reported losing their bonuses, not just “not having Breeding bonus/egg tokens bonus” and such. Really back to “20 - 40 - 80” or “20+20 - 40+40 - 80+80” (with elite) which was a real bug that should have been fixed (I think I read something about it before)

They were not only talking about a recent change but also a longer one.

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