Egg Token Boost doesn’t work in Spring edition

It do takes around 24hours to activate the boost, so wait :innocent: you will see the boost automatically in your token mission tab

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No until 24 hours, my bonus Egg Mission already active

The 24hour waiting period is a standard response when you contact support. It may start at any time, I do not think PG knows why it doesn‘t activate occasionally.
Open a ticket and wait, once you get the standard response reply to the ticket and they will activate the boost eventually.
Current waiting time on tickets is very long though, due to the multitude of issues.
Ggod luck, I am waiting myself.

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Egg token boost activates the next time your multipliers are reset, which can take up to 24hours if you are unlucky.

Also, some people on android devices have been having issues with their egg token boost activating properly. Forget what thread it was, but @Grumpybigbird wasn’t seeing the token bonus when he was playing on his android device. When he switched his account over to an iOS device, the token bonus was active on that platform.

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Yep and still the same at the moment. Nothing on Android and all ok on ios :man_facepalming:

I do not think it has anything to do with egg mission reset times. I have waited up to 3 days and then it was actiavted by support.

Today I was crossing the 36 hour mark and then deleted and reinstalled the game. Voila, egg boost active.

It even switched an active mission to double payout.

Kardul said Multipliers not egg missions. It usually doesn’t kick in until when your dragons go back to having the x5 in the bottom corner of their portraits.

You right, misread that. Sadly makes no diff, the boost did not kick in for me until I reinstalled. My multis had reset at least once in the meantime.

Could be a glitch because of the fact that you’re on android? :woman_shrugging: I’m assuming you’re on android simply because it didn’t show up right away after the multipliers reset. But you know what they say about assuming :laughing:

I am on iPad Pro. Not much of a fan of android. Pure Apple Fanboy.
Never figured out the reason. But last season I got the boost activated by support after a few days, this time I did a reinstall. I just think the activation is glitched and waiting may not fix it.

that’s really weird that it didn’t show up right away for you then :thinking:

They fixed mine Saturday and gave me 3k tokens to make up for what I missed out on.


mine took 3 days, completed the branch Thursday night around 11PM est, didn’t get it until this morning, and ticket didn’t even get looked at until this morning at 5:52 am. @PGJared does it take 24 hours or 48 hours? my ticket number is 1060004, if you can see the log when I collected the branch and when it was activated.

This is the response I got. I am on Android and it took three days but sounded like it was a widespread issue.

Hello FLAKnIceHole,

I’m sorry for the delay in our response, but I do have some good news for you! We’ve actually located the source of this issue and have corrected it since your ticket was submitted!

If you are still having any trouble with your egg token boost, simply re-open this ticket by sending a screenshot of your egg token missions, or if this mass response is not connected to the issue you are having, please re-open this ticket and I’ll look into it further. Otherwise, take care and keep those dragon claws sharp!

_Riding the Wind of Battle,

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