Egg token boost not going into effect


Yes sir, that was the first thing I checked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yup, checked a half dozen times.


Boost finally active, check yours!


Boost is finally active, took about 26 hrs :man_shrugging:


It always hits when multiplers for dragons hit.
So maybe you got it at a weird time I would check whenever the multiplers hit dragons tonight.



Mine went active about 2 hours ago, right around the 24 hour mark from when I claimed it. My multis don’t reset for several more hours…


No source that’s just how it previously worked?
At least for me and others I know who got it.
It always just became active right when multiplers hit.


Then your multis must reset at a weird time then…every season for the past year my token boost has went active right around 24 hours after I claimed it, which in all the cases was about halfway between the event starting and the multis resetting, timewise. :man_shrugging:


Idk could just be different I guess?
Yeah because mine has never taken 24 hours most of the time not even close to 24 hours.

Hitting right askhnd the time as multipliers could have been just by chance but happened to other ppl I know to…I guess it will just remain a mystery :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


mines working


This isn’t true, otherwise it wouldn’t be a 24 hour wait from when you activated it. Also, mine went active about 6 hours before boosts reset which is 0000 PST or 0300 EST (my time zone).


And of course, PG’s response was “wait 24 hours” after I said in the ticket I had already waited 24 hours. Good thing it’s active otherwise I’d be really angry :man_facepalming:


Mine has been over 24 hours. You guys that say they are working now, is that due to submitting a ticket or did it just start working?


just out of curioustiy: am I right that some members here have access to PG Ticket System? Or why else would you ask for the ticket number?


Mine didn’t take the full 24hrs… I’d say closer to 12 hrs.


PG employees ask for ticket numbers


Mine has been about 30 hours now with no luck :weary::weary:

Come on guys I need to get this back on my account so I can keep grinding tokens this week.


Mine went into effect soon after I submitted a ticket.


I just put in a ticket with screenshots too. Need to finish icicle next event.



After about 32 hrs, still no token boost! I guess I’ll have to send a ticket