Egg token boost not going into effect


No boost here. I also submitted a ticket. Still no boost. Compensation must be made.


As bad as it sounds, i’m requesting compensation for tokens if its not fixed ASAP based off of my average of tokens per day for the past week. Its in the 10k-ish range per day so it may push this to get fixed sooner than later.

I’m trying to grind my ass off for the breeding event and any delays means more than my 3 hours per day of grinding.


I got much more serious problem than yours


screenshot of your mission?

Should be the following:

40 + 40 | 80 + 80 | 160 + 160

Egg Token Boost doesn’t work in Spring edition

I claimed mine yesterday and it was in affect this morning when I looked at my egg missions. I’m on iOS, dunno if that makes any difference though. Maybe it’s being glitchy for you android users?


I finally got mine active


Thank you for screen shot numbers, very helpful!


40hrs after claiming it mine hadnt kicked in so support had to manually turn it on from their end


Support said they turned mine on (its been 2 days since I claimed it) but no still nothing… @PGJared

Edit I’ll log into my ios device and see if it works there…

Edit 2: yes active on ios not Android :man_facepalming: what a shambles.


If you weren’t you, I’d ask if you were sure it wasn’t active. But you know your stuff :laughing:

Edit: I recall reading some stuff near the beginning of last season about the egg token boost being slow to show up properly on android devices, but working for iOS.


One more reason to take the discount first…

Hope breeding is next… would help make up for not having that yet…


I just got my boost fixed on the 10th and asked for credit for missing tokens. They gave me 3k so I thought that was fair.


I haven’t gotten my egg token bonus it’s been almost 48 hours. Is anyone else still having issues? I’m going to put a ticket in now but it is frustrating.


@TheRedDelilah @PGEggToken @PGJared

This is now a repeat issue; 3 Seasons in a row where the egg token bonus does not activate unless I submit a ticket. Why is this even an issue? We spend money, or do will in an event, to get the sigils to claim this bonus. Why isn’t it immediate? Why should it take 24 hours? Imagine what this would cost someone, who wasn’t paying attention, grinding ET for hours. 2900 gems will give 8k ET with the bonus - 4k without. Thousands of ET lost. I don’t even have the words to express my frustration. I claimed the bonus. TURN IT ON PLEASE. So dumb to have to ask…

I purposely waited until there were 24 hours left in the breeding event to claim the bonus so that it would kick in right when it ended. Silly me I guess… Ticket # 1072511. I am at 42 hours since claiming the bonus and still no bonus. I submitted a ticket 12 hours ago and still no bonus, even after submitting the screenshot “of how it looks on my end” as requested.

P.S. for those that are bad at math - 3 seasons (bonus claim in the beginning) = 6 months = half of a YEAR that this has been an issue.


Yes others still having issues I will have to ensure mine is still working next mission. Really should check it all the time. Getting lazy I guess.


I feel you love, but I don’t work for PG. If I could fix it, I would. I’m just a forum mod :see_no_evil:


3 season is equivalent to 9 months since we have fall winter spring summer season and each last for 3 months.

Also, if you are experiencing this for 3 seasons, just contact support the moment you experience it. Don’t wait for the last minute to contact them.



Really? From the beginning of one season to the beginning of the third season is not the full 9 months…it is 6. This is reply you send? Season 1 - 3 months. Season 2 - 3 months. Season 3 - just started, not 3 more months.

Did you read what I wrote at all? I did not wait until the last moment. I submitted a ticket after the “magic 24 hours”.


well you could have mentioned that 2 season = 6 months + the current season for the third one for the PS part.

people might think that 3 season is only 2 months each.



My bonus just kicked in. 45 1/2 hours for it to activate.

No response on the ticket though.