Egg token branch choices (Timers, tokens, or chests)

I am claiming the egg token bonus and wondering which of the 3 options is the best value (12h timers, egg tokens, or gold chests.)

Obviously, the “best choice” is what I need most, but I know there are some that love to do the math & I’m more interested in knowing the best value of this choice.

Also, does anyone know the current sigil cost of the 100% & 125%?


Should have stayed the same as the past seasons cost wise. Around 3k and 6k respectively. For me given the option I would choose gold chests personally. You gain the most from those in my opinion.


Gold chests is by far the superior option, for all cases. The amounts of other goods are way too low compared to what the gold chests will give on average.


Thanks Doc & Morreion!

Took 2,520 bronze chests for the 100% bonus.
I think I’m gonna clear the rest of the 7k bronzes for the discount next event. My kingdom for an “Open All” option :joy:

That’s a ton of chests :astonished:

I accidentally claimed one of the other prizes while going for gold chests because I didn’t realize they swap the orders around just for that reason. :expressionless:

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Beware. The gold chest locations are different for each claim! Make sure you know what you are choosing.

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Wish I would have read this beforehand it has gotten me twice now -_- kinda shady how they switch around I am sure they have gotten quite a few this way…

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I think each one kinda differs tho based on what you need and if those gold chests can produce more then the item you are claiming. For most of them so far I went with the chest but on this one I went with the eggs vs the 15 chests. Personally I need the eggs more and idk if I would have got near 6k eggs with those 15 chests

If only there was a chest prediction tool, or something…


Have you checked that said tool?

If two legendary drops for tokens whould be close enough to each other, with those 15 chests you could get not only 6000 tokens but also many other goodies from the rest of 13 chests. I know that I did, many times.


The tool is accurate.

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and works like a charm. It auto fills with as little as 2 -4 chests and makes it super easy to discover if you are inline to receive say, 6K of egg tokens soon.

Yes the tool is accurate however it’s not been released for this event yet. And it being fortification idk if the egg token drops would be that close for 2 legendary of 3k each. Maybe during a breeding event sure but during fortification isnt it about 7.5k eggs for 100 gold chests

Appreciate the smart “donkey” remark tho

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