Egg token chest drop (3000 vs 1100)

Historically legendary drops from gold chests yielded 3000 egg tokens. Now it’s 1100. Is this an ongoing thing or just this event? Being that egg tokens are now the most valuable resource in the game (other than maybe gems), this seems like a big negative to those that use gold chests as a source of egg tokens.

Anyone heard anything about this?

I thought 1100 was epic?

Side note: I got like 15k tokens this event

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It looks like that’s just the epic and theirs no legendary egg drop this event?

But there are embers :heart_eyes:

Gold Chest drops vary by event. Fort has a slightly higher chance of speedups (historically, at least) and embers instead of 3k tokens/mystic frags as in breeding. PvP then has the 3k tokens but no embers, I think.

Edit: Just to be comprehensive, the minors also have more directly applicable stuff like lumber packs in fort vs food/xp in breed/feed.

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Sorry, can you give a Space for each picture. Im getting dizzy :sweat_smile::v: Looking at it


We really should record the official stats somewhere to look up easily. @mechengg are you gonna record them on your website? Else, I’ll make a thread to keep an on-going collection of screenshots. :slight_smile:

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I had tracked which ones were available, now I’ll start filling in the X with numbers

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@SavageAFforPG will have the data you need

He has data and he shared it before. Now we just need to feed in new percentages since they finally opened up their gambling boxes

I’ll just wait for the numbers to appear to us each week, not in a huge rush for it

Gold drops this event…

“2”: [
{“count”: 1100.0, “chance”: 7.0700000000000003, “id”: “breedingToken”},
{“count”: 25.0, “chance”: 4.04, “id”: “expediteConsumable2”},
{“count”: 20.0, “chance”: 5.0599999999999996, “id”: “fullHeal”},
{“count”: 100.0, “chance”: 5.0599999999999996, “id”: “blackPearl”},
{“count”: 1.0, “chance”: 8.0800000000000001, “id”: “lumberConsumable2”},
{“count”: 15.0, “chance”: 8.0800000000000001, “id”: “expediteConsumable3”},
{“count”: 4.0, “chance”: 6.0599999999999996, “id”: “expediteConsumable4”},
{“count”: 25.0, “chance”: 4.04, “id”: “increaseAttack1”},
{“count”: 25.0, “chance”: 4.04, “id”: “increaseHP1”},
{“count”: 200.0, “chance”: 7.0700000000000003, “id”: “elementalEmber”},
{“count”: 125.0, “chance”: 8.0800000000000001, “id”: “springveilSigil”},
{“count”: 1.0, “chance”: 4.2699999999999996, “id”: “lumberConsumable3”},
{“count”: 50.0, “chance”: 5.1299999999999999, “id”: “expediteConsumable3”},
{“count”: 15.0, “chance”: 4.2699999999999996, “id”: “expediteConsumable4”},
{“count”: 1500.0, “chance”: 5.9800000000000004, “id”: “elementalEmber”},
{“count”: 225.0, “chance”: 4.2699999999999996, “id”: “springveilSigil”},
{“count”: 1000.0, “chance”: 3.4199999999999999, “id”: “iceShard”},
{“count”: 1000.0, “chance”: 3.4199999999999999, “id”: “fireShard”},
{“count”: 225.0, “chance”: 2.5600000000000001, “id”: “blackPearl”}],

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The 3k token drop has not been available during fortification.

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Started editing my sheet here for anyone who cares to follow.
Not sure if/when it will get up on Geeks :see_no_evil:

Chest Drop Rate Comparisons

Just ask Savage, he has everything ready :man_shrugging:t2:

Your confidence is inspiring.

Having it and making it pretty are not really the same. :slight_smile:

Great information ! Good job !

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