Egg Token Display

Anyone else out there that would like to see a slightly more detailed account of our egg token totals on the main screen? As in instead of it saying 352k egg tokens it could say 352.7k? Wouldn’t want to break the game over this but I know personally I’d much prefer to better monitor my stuff and things


Yes! I would LOVE this. It always freaks me out and makes me paranoid that I’m not properly getting my egg tokens once I pass the 100k mark.

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Just play every day until you reach a nice round number of 10,000 tokens :grinning:

(Obviously a joke, only crazy people do that, I’m all in favor of display showing more figures)


I don’t get it… people have less than 10k tokens for longer than a day? :eyes:

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it would be clear if click in the icon and see how many we have exactly. Still, there isnt much different and they havent had time to fix the current error.

… you do that, don’t you? :laughing: :

Well… I’m not saying I don’t have 53, 526 tokens right now… :man_shrugging:

What about players that have over 1mil tokens?

I guess the reason is they want the number to fit nicely ob the screen and not reach in, I personally don‘t really care about seeing it

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I don’t know what having that much looks like as is so can’t offer an opinion there :man_shrugging:

It looks cool

One Billion dollars… Err tokens.

PG might be taking a your egg tokens in groups of 100 from time to time… and u never know :eyes::eyes:

Exactly! Well not exactly but I mean I’d like to see what’s goin on lol I don’t think they’re stealing my tokens but it’d be nice to know nothing hinky is going on

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Could not agree more. Especially if I expect the bonus. I want to see it REALLY add up. Not that I distrust PG, it is just as I have precision in my work I would do so in my gaming.

But this is not what a HUD is for. It‘s important to see all the important info at a glancy without cluttering the screen.
There is more of a downside to showing 123,456,789 tokens and 123,456,789 food nd wood on the main HUD.
They could however add an inventory screen that shows everything you have in detail if it helps anyone.

Not a priority tho.


As many times as I have not received a specific item, yeah it would be very nice to be able to keep track!

Either write each and every token down somewhere to make sure or trust them :grimacing:

Not a priority for sure, but I also wasn’t asking to see every single token via the hud, just 123.4m rather than 123m. Agreed that an inventory would be a big help, this wouldn’t matter as much if there was a way to check yourself. But as @Twitchx said after you lose items enough it’s nice to be able too keep track haha

Not sure if this helps but if you have an Apple Watch you can download the war dragons “app” to it and it shows your counts for wood, food and eggs. It also lets you know if your dragons and balloons are ready. :woman_shrugging: Just gotta pay a measly fee of $899+ for the iPhone and $399+ for the watch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It upsets me that you’re in the millions for egg tokens. :cry:
I’m always happy when i get past 100k.

Haha I’m really really hoping that was a typo by Grinch, I don’t think anyone on the game has that many tokens.

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