Egg token drops are not worth it

I have noticed that I am getting egg drops instead of bronze chests in this event. Sometimes I am getting more egg token drops than chests. The drop gives 10 egg tokens. In my opinion these drops are almost useless. I would rather have the bronze chests. The chests give me boosts and heals as well as sigils that are more useful thacn 10 egg tokens. Also,the chests have always given egg tokens at a higher amount than the egg token drops. The drop gives 10 egg tokens, a chest will give 30 egg tokens and if you get a rare drop you get 300 egg tokens. I am not sure why PG decided to make egg token drops for killing monuments when we already can get the, at a higher amount, from chests already.


Egg tokens are the most valuable resource in the game. Also, adding of Egg token drops did not reduce the chance of getting the Chests.

Do some research, this is actually very nice addition to the game.



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My point is the chests already give egg drops at a greater amount. It takes 3 egg token drops to get the amount offered in one chest that contains egg tokens and if you get a rare drop from a chest, it takes 30 egg token drops to get the amount offered in a chest. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

So if you go to work every day and get paid 10,000$ every month, you would be opposed to your boss giving you 100$ dollars every now and then?

I don’t understand why you are complaining about something free?


Keep reading this sentence until it does make sense to you:

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this is not a duplicate thread. the other one is talking about the new mechanic and this one is talking about it not being worth it. Similar sure but not a duplicate.

and actually Jared said it did do a slight reduction in the chest drops but refused to provide the percentage.

He said less than a percentage point to accommodate rounding.

I have never walked past a dollar and not picked it up, your boss is much more generous than mine. Seriously though, free is free, why this is so divisive boggles the mind.


The other thread has multiple post about it “not being worth it.”

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I think we as a community are quick to distrust PG: They’re pretty much guilty until proven innocent.

I do think that it’s very nice to get free egg tokens since the % is taken directly from the “you get nothing” bucket. As mentioned above and in the other thread: 10+ free eggs > 0 free eggs.

10 at a time may not seem like a significant sum, and perhaps they will increase it if they do this again. I guarantee they are analyzing the data and will see how much impact 10 makes. If they were to start with 25 and it made more impact than they were comfortable with, then they REDUCED it, there would be an even bigger outcry.


RE-READ THE THREAD PLEASE. The amount of misinformation around here is mind boggling.


I actually found a hundred dollar bill laying on the ground outside of Fenway Park while walking to a game. My daughter was all shocked when I swooped down and picked it up without missing a step.

Yes, I did look around to see if anyone was acting like they lost anything and no I did not see it fall, it was just lying there folded up on the sidewalk with others walking over it.

Hopefully not really off topic since replying to not walking past a dollar.



Although I did a search before posting, obviously I didn’t see PG Gared’s post about this topic. I thought that the egg drop tokens were in lieu of getting chests, not in addition to getting chests. So, my bad. I guess I am very suspicious of changes made by PG since many have, in my opinion, not been beneficial to players. So, thank you PG for giving players additional items.

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That’s a new one :joy::joy:
Not sure if i should tag Jared or not haha


Makes @MikesGoN2GetU’s “Jarad” look not as bad :rofl:


“Free isn’t worth it” in addition to bronze chests, not instead of them

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I feel like @Enigma needed to clarify more information to make that answer either relevant or incorrect.

He’s putting the title in a different way:
“Free [drops] aren’t worth it”.

Then he’s given OP the correction, which at this point OP admitted already he was mistaken about his assumption:

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