Egg token drops are not worth it


We’re getting egg tokens as well as bronze chests, not instead of them.

Seems worth it to me.


Thanks Lutrus, my brain wasn’t making the connections :brain:
It’s Friday afternoon and I’m fried!

I for one, am loving it, especially with the confirmation from PGJared that they come out of out “no drop bucket”




These egg drops are only temporary, correct? I thought it was just for the first two weeks of the spring season. Personally I really like them.


So if the drop rate is say 15% overall for bronze chests and it drops by 1%, that’s a 7% drop in overall chests. The number may be larger or smaller since they won’t tell us for some stupid reason.


next 2 weeks since it was recently implemented.

If no one likes it during the next 2 weeks, then they might remove it or make adjustments based on feedback.


Thank you!


Some quick estimated math

I typically avg. About 2.5 bronze chests a run during PvP events 10 chests taking avg 4 runs.

10 chests net 30-60 egg tokens

The new drop rate I’m avg 1.5 bronze chests a run and 20 egg tokens.

4 runs gets me 80 tokens and still have 6 chests

Considering that tokens are the most valuable resource in the game and 99.9999% of players are begging for more tokens…

Thank you PG for doing something to give us more tokens.


This is proof that people will actually bitch about anything given the opportunity! :man_facepalming:

It’s extra egg tokens what can possibly be wrong with this lol


if they give 12 hour timer at 5% chance per monument, I am sure that there will be people that will complain.


It’d be at a most a 6.667% change in overall chests since Jared said the drop rate change was less than a percentage point.


Actually I think it proves that people don’t read/research before posting. Notice that the disgruntled are for the tokens once they know all the facts. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was actually very surprised it was 10 per drop…

Sometimes I’m getting anywhere from 10 to 30 tokens in a single run! Not every run obviously but that amount adds up fairly quick.

I would’ve expected maybe 5 per drop!


Ignorance is no excuse :grin:

Anyone who would just think before posting it’s very obvious that the bronze chests wouldn’t be touched! They are a significant source for resources in this game ESPECIALLY for non-spenders!


It’s not really that obvious … the bonus meter was stripped. I miss the bonus meter. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Pretty sure gems are more valuable than egg tokens. And clocks have greater utility and scarcity.


To you yeah since you got nothing to breed :slight_smile:


Gems are the most flexible currency and you can technically even buy egg tokens with it. Clocks are used to multiple purposes while egg tokens are very singular use. That has nothing to do with what needs to be bred or not. And for the record I do have 3 dragons to breed still.


Gems are available when no events are there and timers keep dropping every now and then everywhere from small boats and all. ( i know its not significant but 3 hour and 1 hour timers do drop pretty decently, although i have never counted ) .
Addition of egg token drop during certain events doesn’t seem bad deal at all. I wouldn’t start expecting additional 12 hour speedups over and above tokens though.


i am getting more chest now then before and a huge plus is the extra tokens win win good job pg