Egg token drops are not worth it


i think he was just refuting Coaches statement that eggs are the most valuable currency, and he would be right.


i think the egg drops are great, one item never dropping from monuments or boats was eggs. timers and boosts come aplenty, now eggs too, 10 a time so what they soon add up.
i just spent a couple of hours on the chest base, by the time i collected 100 bronze id racked up a few hundred eggs also. would be nice to see some rarer drops of maybe 50 a time, i would say same as gold chest chance but thats pretty poor, maybe a little more chance than that :joy:


Lmao be lucky they are giving free stuff they don’t got to there is always someone that has to complain about free :roll_eyes: pg can’t make everyone happy so deal it is probably for Easter anyways


I’d defend the people who were upset about the change.

In any random reward system, below some large threshold number of trials, there are going to be some people who are unlucky. They probably did enough trials in the past that their luck was average. If they have bad luck after a change is made (that doesn’t actually affect the distribution of the reward they had), it’s completely rational to suspect that the change hurt them.

E.g.: Say the drop rate for bronze chests is 15%. In the past, I’ve destroyed 10k monuments and gotten 1.5k bronze chests, total.

The change goes live, I destroy 100 monuments and get 7 bronze chests, because I got unlucky and didn’t do enough trials to iron out irregularities due to luck. Also I get these not-very-valuable egg token drops, which I hadn’t seen before. Suspecting that these two events are related is 100% sane and reasonable; it just happens to be wrong in this case.


I dont know if its only me but since this egg tokens are out i cannt get any cheast of bronze and if i get a cheast it s mostly silver i dont know if iam the only one who has that exp.
since this egg token shows up for me the first time on this second part of the event (second cause the ride is now out) . Iam not sure if its only me who is on that way to say the event at the moment and this rate is not worthy to spend time even if you could earn some good items . but honstly i play now 2 month closly and ican say only the winter event was a bit better from out come of sigit or clocks or other items .
and i also have a friend of mine who one in the game in fly a freaking gold cheast wtf and i barly get only 1 cheast after 10 flys . i dont know if its normal…


Perhaps it’s more about educating these people with Jared’s last response instead of trying to defend their statements? It looks like he broke it down without the hassle of us going through the 10,000 flights it would have taken to confirm the changes for this short 2 week period.



I’m getting bronze chests n eggs usually u hardly get jack for chests and I’m getting more then normal and a addition with egg tokens


1000 egg tokens every 50 raids is a nice tip toe in the right direction, but it won’t make that much of a dent in the Sapphire wall and above. This feels more like an attempt to appease rather than fixing the issues.

I would still like to see reduced costs for older tiers of dragons and towers.

Thanks for throwing us a bone, but a little meat on it next time would be appreciated.


Taking your figure, I would say I do about 100 runs a day, that’s 2k a day, 14k a week, 28k before it ends. That’s a free 28k eggs for doing nothing different to my playstyle.


Made me think of Snatch:


Well that’s nice for you, but not many people have the time or heal potions to do 100 raids every day. 20 tokens per raid also isn’t guaranteed, especially if you only get a decent drop rate when attacking well above your level as with chests. I wasn’t lowballing with that estimate.

Maybe I am in the minority in thinking that old content costs should be adjusted, but I highly doubt it.


You’re not, but there should be some positive reinforcement if they’re taking step (baby step, holiday step, w/e) in that direction instead of blame them when they mess up, blame em when the do good :man_shrugging:t3:


The free eggs are holiday based, and have absolutely nothing to do with the egg mission suggestions


Of course the bronze chest drop rate seems bad when you are defeating gustav’s islands. You cannot tell untill you ran decent lvl bases for a few hours. PG never shares percentages with us. Its even only recently that we know what percentage a passiv resist spell has.

I havent noticed the difference in bronze chest drops for me yet and I am happy with every eggtoken or ruby.

Still I understand players are sceptic. We have seen too much bs in the past and it takes time to gain trust again.


Threads like this one are why I’m constantly reminded how bad PG is at customer relations…lol. :rofl:


im agreed with u mate.
Pls increase the drop of eggs from 10 to 30/60 @PGCoffee @PGCrisis


lol…30 is a normal drop from a bronze chest. They aren’t increasing the amount of the temporary new drop. And that wasn’t my point about their terrible communication skills.


Whoever came up with this, frankly should lose their job or spend a month in time out, . It’s idiotic to say the least, or just flat out stingy - how very PG of PG.


Not getting bronze chests, so No, not worth it, it’s a scam


It’s already been stated that the drop rates for chests weren’t affected. And drop rates also depend on what bases you attack. If you are still unsatisfied, file a support ticket asking for drop rates.