Egg token drops are not worth it


Y’all are trippin’ if you think egg drops are bad… gettin’ chests just fine plus a few eggs… not hurting the number of bronze chests AT ALL.


The problem, is how monument drops are rng based. If PG had been customer focused, they could have sent out a message about the new drop items and the drop rates to soothe people’s fears. Instead, we have the natural evolution of a lack of direct information from the overlords themselves…


I don’t care what was stated, I know the drop rate has been affected by virtue of drought of chests dropping.


So in a game with no new dragons for the last two breeds, and none for the foreseeable future, and where 10 eggs gets you 1/4000000000th of a dragon, then yeah, I think it’s stingy and meaningless


Yeah, except here’s the thing: if you’re adding a feature you feel is a bonus for players, the last thing you’re worried about is putting out a press release so grinders don’t lose their crap over it.

It’s RIDONCULOUS (Yeah that’s spelled right) that people are finding a reason to criticize something PG did to reward players. It’s like nothing is ever good enough… and that’s just dumb.


No, it’s not. PG’s track record is enough to make people fear their ability to cripple things they enjoy.


Ok. So protest by not accepting the tokens. Threaten to quit. Or just stand there and cry “Waaaaaahhhhh” like all the others.

Yeah, PG quit being so “stingy” by giving us 10 egg token drops on monuments. Riiiiiiight… :woman_facepalming:


And I guess some people can simply never just be happy about getting something without questioning it or complaining. Sad.


lol… Some people have reasons for distrusting them. But, I digress that some people will never be happy about others expressing their concern about opaque game changes without questioning it or complaining. Sad.


Light and Shade having contrasting views … seems natural somehow :thinking:




I do not bite my thumb at you sir, but I do bite my thumb.



Really? Attack my base 5 times in a row because you don’t like my post? Wow… just wow.


Not even close…Gems might be used as the in game currency but they are not more valuable then tokens.

Breeding is easily the most important part of the game and A lot of people only want rubies to get tokens! Rubies spent to speed up missions or used in chests to get Tokens & Frags.

You can still play the game & progress with minimal rubies you cannot with Tokens! Tokens are a must while Rubies are more of a luxury.

Tokens most valueable and 2nd would be Sigils/Rubies/Timers all having close to the same value depending on the player.


More valuable in equal quantities? You can turn rubies into more tokens than you spend rubies. I might be misunderstanding, though.


Basic math really lol


How is this even a discussion, if you can exchange rubies for tokens at a higher rate, its not even up for debate/opinion which currency is more valuable.


Call the waaambulance.thanks for the gold :kiss:


Lol Of course not in equal quantities!


Oh Yeah? Well just you wait… when I get somewhere close to level 394 you’re going to get it! Should be any year now… I hope it keeps you up at night… never knowing when I might strike! Muahahaha! :stuck_out_tongue: