Egg token drops are not worth it


Just learn to use banks


Solid burn Branch.


Everyone’s going to know that you’re a snowflake if you keep this up. :woman_facepalming:

Edit post-flag: What? Dorbs did a snowflake on me last week. Just cause I didn’t pinpoint her as my substandard farmer doesn’t mean others won’t. :roll_eyes:


Farming is very outdated in some ways. The best way to solve disputes is through the ultimate form of battle, Atlas, or so I heard.


I think I hear the sound of some random dog barking. You hear it too?


If you managed to hear a dog barking through the forums…I am curious what sort of drugs were involved in this?


Multiple assorted flavours


Did you bring enough for everyone?


Who cares. Is there enough for me though?


Since you’re hearing noises from a text based web site…

Yes you have had enough


The secret recipe is:
A fistful of entitlement mixed with a large dose of billigerance, add in a pinch of self righteousness, a dash of assumption and a sprinkle of know-it-all smugness and voila! The perfect bark.


No Atlas here and I doubt we’ll use it even if we did. It seems to require more patience than I’m willing to spare. Your pain threshold must be high. :smirk:


Aww Grump, it’s okay. :hugs:. Panda isn’t being rude to me. He must be referencing NoMercyOrder in a back-handed way again. He’s slightly obsessed with them … :roll_eyes:


@moderators this could have been closed after the first two replies.

Now we have yet another dublicate thread that goes on for 4 days because some players are too lazy to use the search function :man_facepalming:


Haha wasn’t talking about panda. He and I are good :+1:


Now I’m curious … bleed over from another thread? :thinking:


Try to run gustavs isle with only red drags in youre rooster and ya see the amount of chests thats drop goes up …


I haven’t tested this recently but I’m pretty sure it’s a hoax.

That’s how it used to work until PG changed it a while ago.

People got mad that they couldn’t do easy chest hunting anymore, PG didn’t care.


I tested it, chest drops are bad this event.


I disagree