Egg token drops are not worth it


For kicks and giggles, what was your “test”?


I prefer this version… :joy:


If you do the runs prioritizing other things, it won’t matter much.
That said, what I got during this event is pretty much the same average as previous one (at least it’s what I feel).


More like your boss throwing you a penny every now and then, and you becoming all excited as if your boss is being so kind and altruistic.

it’s insulting.


Chest drops are definitely sparse this event


Hit higher … the chests are dropping nicely. One of my members got four chests while winging me.


Google: “Humility”


Yep. I’ve had runs with none, but then several with 3-4 chests a run. Even got 2 gold chests this event so far. Hitting higher level bases may help your chest drops.


Lol I always go higher what’s the challenge in hitting your own level


250 test runs in 2 days, where I noted the gains.


So essentially you have almost no solid data. Great job! I just scrolled through a bunch of Dread wiener envy to find out st the bottom that someone is making unfounded claims on almost zero data! I’m assuming this is your April Fools home?


We can all be very glad that you responded to this thread. What would we be without all the right answers you will now give us. :roll_eyes:


@TheKAT why don’t you do what I did?

  1. File a support ticket.
  2. Ask them politely if they can tell you how many BRONZE chests you claimed during the event.

I asked support at the end of PvP how many of the egg token drops i claimed. While they didn’t tell me the number of +10 egg token items I claimed from monuments they told me the number of attack runs in which I was awarded at least one +10 egg token drop. The answer was 195 attack runs. Now I know that I got more than 195 of the +10 egg drops because during runs I noted I would get 2, or 3, of those drops when I wasn’t getting bronze chests.

I also collected somewhere around 651 bronze chests.

Again, I got this information because I politely asked the support staff if they could provide me with that data.


I have the data of 250 runs noted down, why would I want to ask for it?
I know my average bronze, silver, gold and eggtoken droprate.

I am only not pleased with it, though. :joy::woman_shrugging:


My token/chest squad


looks like somebody leveled Ember…Oops!


Yea, long before I knew any better lol :eyes::pensive::cry:

But it doesn’t effect me too much wit that roster. I just cycle through them all. If doing chests, I cycle through the DG gang, then use potions on enki until the others heal, then rinse repeat. Saves enough potions that I don’t really burn through them. The Red tier duo works well enough for token runs…level 1 ember would just be a second or two faster finishing ms mercy


fair 'nuff. I use the same strategy to farm up some heal potions when chest farming and running egg missions with Ember. So much better than running out of those. I tend to get more dragon/tower boosts than heal potions from chests so this tactic really helps.


I love the egg drops that are in addition to the chest drops. Don’t get why anyone is moaning about it either. Just means you get much more freebies per run :+1:t2:


This might be hard to grasp, but it’s an RNG… the R being RANDOM