Egg token drops are not worth it


I’m enjoying it. They may only add up to an extra 3k-5k egg tokens per event but…that’s 20-25k more egg tokens between breeding events.


Pretty sure Jared said the eggs dropping was just temporary (easter) so I think it’s ending soon that they’ll be dropping. Would be a welcome permanent addition as a drop from hitting boats and shit moving forward, though.


@PGJared can you look at making this a permanent feature during events?


I found $50 in the grass beside a parking lot as I cut through once. Took the family out to dinner with it.


If you were a typical WD player you would have said

“what? Only $50? What a waste of my time, I’d rather not have it because it doesn’t help me get that house I want”


Don’t you mean yacht?




RIP egg tokens drops, you will be missed :sob::sob::sob:


End of an era. :egg:


Lol that egg there have me a good laugh… I imagined a one liner where a guy walks up and says, " Hey. I noticed your eggs are dropping."



I miss them already :sob:. Thank you for those two weeks :kissing_heart:


Bring them back! Chest farming is so sad without those little golden delights.


What? Eggtoken quit?



Now can we have 12h speedups drop? Lol I just miss the extra goodies…thank you


Very sad to see them go, it was a really nice idea!


Yeah, missed that, it was motivational to play more


dont poke a dead horse :roll_eyes:


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