Egg token idea: tell me what you think!

So my idea for egg tokens is that instead of getting numbers of them you can’t use like 4 or 5 we should get usable amounts as we can’t breed until we have 20. These small and awkward numbers are difficult to use because they don’t get you a full 20 tokens. This really annoys me and if you could replace where you get 4 or 5 with a much easier number of 10 or 20 it would make egg tokens much easier to use.

The odd numbers of tokens come from the bounty yard and from team gift packs.
Not sure what’s the reason of PG behind this

After wars each war gives you different amount of egg tokens as a reward depending on the rating difference between two teams. That is why it is hard to round up the numbers of tokens you got.

This isn’t really an issue except for maybe the first week or two you start playing. Very quickly you start throwing eggtokens around by the thousands, and breeds rarely come down to that last 20 anymore.

Like others explained, having them spent by the 20 allows PG to give small rewards for things that don’t round to an exact number of tokens, wouldn’t be nice if wars always rounded to the nearest 20 for example.

There are quite a few issues with egg tokens and scaling at level, but this really isn’t one of them.

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