Egg token issues


i run out of egg tokens quite fast during breeding events, and the egg token balloon gives so little, also buying tokens with rubies is ridiculously expensive. egg tokens should be a transferrable item!


NEVER ever thinking of doing that unless you wanna fail like I did at the very beginning. :man_facepalming:t2:

Just farm up the tokens, skip a season, dedicate all your ruby gains to the left quest from the balloon, the smallest one. -or just p2w.


Believe me, you are not alone with this phenomenon. :hugs:

What do you mean by “transferable”? Because if you mean between users, then I have one word for you: exploit.

During the event we get double tokens, so grind those missions, get the egg token boost from the season, and perform well in events. Follow your breeding plan - or if you don’t have any, I recommend Red’s Best Breeding Path, and soon you will have no problem with those tokens.


The most efficient way to get egg tokens is grinding the egg missions-mainly the 1hr one. DO the 4hr one when its twice the ruby cost of the 1hr mission. It takes time and rubies and ember. Or there’s your wallet…
Have only ember in your lineup (ryuu is fine he doesn’t get missions) and grind away the hours my friend! SPend 5-10 mins here and there each day. I sit watching tv at night doing them.
You can get to 300k eggs every breed with enough time spent.
Make sure you get the 100% at least or 125% egg boost though!




Bald Rabbit I mean transferable as in can be sent between teammates. Thanks for the feedback!

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Like he said, exploitable.

As you can make as many alts as you want and joining a team isn’t much of a hassle.

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