Egg token line (extend token bonus) vs dragon line

Background: I’m a middle/low level player at lvl 170 and haven’t spent my sigils yet on a dragon line for this season outside of the token bonus. Now that all of the dragons have been released, I know I’m not going for a mythic, and the others do not look very appealing in terms of what I “need” for my progression. I know Gunnar is good, have him on alt, but I already have a few other great hunters. Same with riders, I have both defense plus a few offensive riders. So personally at this point I dont really need any of the lines offered other then getting the goodies in those lines.

Suggestion: I would love a season line that offered more of what I need to progress in the game which seems to be mostly egg tokens at my level. I can get around 100k per event but I feel I’m still behind after entering Garent dragons. So instead of getting a dragon, I would rather get maybe 100-200k in egg tokens I can collect down the line plus some maybe elemental embers and other goodies. So items as a trade off vs a legendary dragon or rider. I remember way back I think in a single dragon line it split in half, one side had the dragon, other side had items like inner fires and other goodies.

Any thoughts? @PGJared

That was when it split to be for the egg token. Then they made the egg token its own line.

If you have Atlas, might as well get a rider and turn it into an Atlas mission only rider. Bond it to a shelved dragon and get free stuff without putting much effort into it. :tipping_hand_woman:‍♀


I would rather be able to sell sigils back for rubies or chests at the end of the season. But since that isn’t an option, I usually just jump around the lines trying to gather as many resources as I can


Yeah I’ve done that already lol, I have 3 extra riders that at least do the 1 star missions or when I have extra stars. But still if I had 30k sigils left at the end, I’d love to trade them in for rubies or spend them on a new line that will help me progress. I dont even want to go hard this fort event cause I dont want to get behind in breeding, i think that kinda sucks


I’m also a lower level player but personally I always pick atleast one dragon i like early on, and work toward the evo. stone higher than my breeding level, then I decide if i like that dragon after i’ve flown him a bit, i finish him out if i like him or if i want the mythic. I personally HATE hildr and i’m working on finishing him up so that i can move on to the three headed thing lol. I have in the past gotten two event dragons and a rider just because i could… Truthfully i hate that i don’t get nearly as many sigils as i used too or nearly enough chest drops it seriously saddens me.

You could aim for mythic glyphs, maybe?

Though im abandoning this season on one of my acc’s and farming egg tokens only. -that acc is waaay behind… :sweat_smile: so that’s a way too… :zipper_mouth_face:

-it isnt much but to be fair to the team, i do participate in events but only upto the point where i will be contributing to the 1.2k sigils team achievement, just in case… :unamused:

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