Egg token mision

why my token egg mission is not increased should be 40 + 40,80 + 80,160 + 160

True. Send in a ticket then tell them you want compensation of 1000tokens per day. That’s 3000tokens for the event so far👍


How to?

Either in game, or here

Do you have the egg token bonus?

We all do this week

The same thing has happened to me I contacted pg firstly they said it looked like the boost was active on my account then they said delete the app and reinstall and guess what still no eggs :rage:

It is breeding week; everyone should have the bonus this event.


Don’t delete the app. Make sure you have a Pocket Gems ID first, then exit the game.

Go to:

  1. Settings
  2. App Manager
  3. War Dragons
    a. Clear Cache
    b. Clear Local Data

You’ll wipe all your phone data off without having to reinstall. Then you can launch the app again, re-download all 600+ game files (towers, dragons, Atlas files, etc.) as you go without reinstalling the entire thing.

This worked when I was pulling rubies instead of bronze chests and was much faster than doing a full re-installation.


thanks for the advice, I will try

I claimed bonus tokens last week and it was working fine. Breeding event disabled it. Also i am not getting chest from runs. My ticket is ignored.

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