Egg token mission minimum


That I fully understand its something that needs done i see these attacks on like a Tuesday from people at that point there isnt any events in progress not all people are this way I’m not saying a player shouldn’t take somethings in stride


what exactly is the problem?
a/ high levels are allowed to attack your base
b/ you are irritated because some people attack your base to finish an egg mission or raid rss

as for a/, the game has already had the mechanic to protect low level being attacked by high level
as for b/, unless you have inactive status, your base is always available for EVERYONE to attack no matter if it helps their mission or not. that is just how the game is played.
i dont want the cap to be raised up to infinity and lots of people lost the chance to do the mission


Yesterday I was surprised to have won vs a trio Noc-Nydryr-Stormheim from a 320+. It actually stopped attacking around 40% with Noc and flew over my base without attacking. It was weird. My base only killed Nyd, but that’s because it didn’t attack :sweat_smile:

It was fun~ Noc is really superb.


Sounds like a great way to justify a cowardly action are you afraid to hit someone more suitable for your size do you think they will be to hard for your dragons? It’s expected for smaller players to work for the goal of forward motion why is it not expected from our more seasoned stronger members


It is just so happens the path of least resistance can mean attacking someone significantly smaller than yourself in many instances.


Invader doesn’t have flaks/turrets or give resources. Therefore, can’t use invader for those. I also sometimes like to save my gold hits for when my hats are up.

I like medals, sometimes need the resources for missions, and so I just hit whatever has what I need.

  • Hit the same base twice and you stop getting the medals.
  • I get the same medals no matter the level
  • The XP for everyone in match making is shit to me unless it’s a base that I won’t be soloing.

I start the attack with Altimorak, set my phone down, come back and boom - mission done, medals obtained. Don’t call someone a coward just because you don’t want to be attacked in a war game.


I dont know who the coward. The one who is afraid to be attacked in a war game or the one attack just want to quickly finish something for some lame rewards. If the reward worth the challenge, I wouldnt mind burning someone 100 lvl above me (for example I raided level 300 twice yesterday when he defended himself for 2M gold)

and if you dont know: Many players has the base level very irrelevant to the strength of the dragon because the breeding is borken


The main time I will hit someone 100 levels below me is loot lumber mission whilst mission grinding.
I want to complete the missions as quickly as possible and move onto the next one. Sometimes I get plagued with the loot missions, so it’s a lot quicker to dump all the lumber I can and loot as little as possible whilst reaching my target in one run. If I attack someone around my level I’m likely going to refill my storage hut, and if I then get another lumber mission I can’t do anything until previous transfers complete.


I wasn’t calling anyone a coward and if I offended anybody I apologise I simply was giving my opinion I didn’t mean to upset you just saying my view nothing more


Get over it bro. I’m farming eggs I don’t want a damn challenge. I want the most eggs per hr I can get. And u aren’t gonna see a cool dragon on my replays either. Eq spam lightning done