Egg Token Mission payouts needs rebalancing

We can all agree that the egg token mission payouts needs reworking. It’s been the same since the inception of the game when green dragons were the top tier. I’m not sure what the correct answer is, perhaps scaling with level similar to rss packs. Universally increasing the egg tokens doesn’t seem like the proper solution either as newer players would progress too quickly.


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@XxTrueOnexX we need your scaling 2.0 link xD


I sometimes find myself skipping egg missions since the effort needed to complete it isn’t worth the beans in payout I’m going to get for the dragons I need to save for.

Some scaling is definitely needed.


As players go up in level, the amount of tokens earned from missions needs to increase as well. It doesn’t make sense to be grinding for more expensive dragons at a higher level and have the same mission payout as people working on lower dragons.

Hitting the “Breeding Wall”


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Agreed some highly valid points here.

I don’t understand how forums users who are always here arent seeing this and supporting it with everything they’ve got. Or at least respecting the fact that it’s there… Feel free to read it if it’s your first time seeing it.


I agree scaling needed.

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+1, although this really obvious game bottleneck has been raised for at least a year and PG don’t seem to agree, not sure why. This and timer scaling are the biggest issues in the game ?


I respect it and support it. I have liked your post. I don’t know what else we can really do. Unfortunately I don’t see PG doing any of it.

Probably the biggest reason you didn’t get much traction with that plan is the inherent laziness of people. It’s just too darn long. People need bite size things to maintain attention. TL;DR


I have to agree with Lx460 here - it was just too long TrueOne - and I read almost everything on the forums even those recruitment posts! :wink:

After reading everything, and I mean everything, I completely agree that egg token payouts need rebalancing. Along with some other tweaks to keep up with the higher levels and requirements to achieve them.


It is a list. Meaning it doesn’t all have to happen at once. Really the main two points i was hitting were the mass deduction of frags needed for past tiers upon the release of each new tier as well as the build time reduction for past building levels for each new building cap that is released. It seems much more simple then having to scale everyone’s egg missions to their very specific level of play.

I understand your point of increasing egg token payouts in missions. You seem to be saying that they should all be increased for every level of player. Terrible idea, and PG would never back it. They wont give more tokens without increasing the difficulty of tiers scewed with some data over “how many missions are done monthly on average”, or something to that category.
If your idea didnt actually consist of making the increase in egg tokens for the entire player base you must have meant personalization. It’s essentially my idea of making past tiers cheaper but you fail to see the problem. Event prize tiers. If individuals who are further along in breeding can earn 100k tokens a month with the same amount of missions that a low level player could get 40k tokens (due to being further along) then the higher leveled players would absolutely wreck breeding events. The ones stuck behind would barely be able to claim any useful prizes, as and increase in difficulty would occur as well.

My idea addresses this problem by not messing with the currency and the economy of breeding events. Decreasing the frags needed would make it so the cost is essentially cheaper instead of just handing the player more tokens. If that would happen then it would give PG the excuse to water down the value of the egg token and make it impossible for beginners to progress in events, which really do help.

If there is something i got wrong plz point it out. I really believe my idea is a simple and efficient one.


It makes no sense that at a level where you need 100 times more token to breed a dragon you get the same tokens as a reward from these missions - completing missions dosent get easier, the time taken to complete them dosent get shorter, only the relative value of reward decreases.

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I’m all for scaling mission tokens… It’s the one aspect of the game is long overdue for an overhaul… Please PG, pretty please with sugar on top give this a look.


Completely agree they need to look into this, I’m saving now to open my 2nd garnet and it’s going to take forever, even supplementing here and there with packs to open chest with the egg drops being far and few between, urrrfff…

Progress in this game is one of the slowest I have ever played.

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This is definitely needed, they have added all of these new tiers (one every season except this season) but not given any more egg tokens, for the people who are fine with spending a lot to get these would spend either way to get the newest dragons, but for the people who don’t, it’s a serious problem. Unless you’re backbreeding a dragon, in sapphire tier it’s basically a minimum of 120K, and that’s one of the cheapest ones. Then you have garnet, emerald, and obsidian you’re going to have to deal with…which have the same minimum.

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Please please please do this pg. There definitely needs to be more egg tokens given to us higher levels and this seems like an easy solution that would make so many people happy.

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Yes! PG please make this change!!!