Egg token mission still glitches?

Is anyone else getting egg token mission that the dragon is already on a rider mission?


This should probably be posted in the Atlas section. It took me a while to figure out what you were saying because it’s not in the Atlas section…

Edit: And no, I’m not getting this glitch because I don’t have access to Atlas :woman_shrugging:

I never had that problem as the “Rider Mission Dragon” doesn’t have to be in the roster.

I guess you didn’t know that. You can swap them out if they are not healing, even during the mission.

or the other way around: you can choose any rider regardless their dragon’s location

But then you lock your strongest riders for 12hours…

Yes twice since the new update that should have fixed it.
Both times it was the mission x times stoneform. Since Gargula is the only dragon with stoneform there was no way to use another dragon and I was left with the choice of abandoning the mission or speeding up the ridermission…

I’ll give you guys a little tid bit on how i do my missions and have my riders set up

  • Any dragon that i’m ever raiding with that has a rider, is never sent out for a mission
  • Any dragon that is going on a mission, is put on a red tier dragon of the required element type i want and is never put on my roster ever

Then it becomes easy, you have 3 riders on red tier dragons of 3 different element types that will never be on your roster. There is no overlap between missions and token missions and no confusion. I know that i have a mission for ice, wind and dark so those are the 3 missions that i look for when going to my mission menu screen.

I’m seeing this too. I thought it was recently patched?

Still bugged…

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