Egg Token Missions: Atlas towers don't count for destroy

This was brought up in one of the list of improvements to be looked at, but is this something that might make its way into 4.0 or a later release?

Not exactly earth shattering, but it’d make things easier to be able to complete some “Destroy x Towers” or “Destroy 4 Cannon Towers” and such during Invader runs. :smiley: Maybe Atlas towers having there own file is interfering with things somehow?

Destroy cannon towers and archers plus storms work however destroy xx towers does not. Tested 1 min before with my mini on invader.

Hope it gets fixed… strange thing anyways

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Invader base is not a „rival base“, it’s a pve base, you need to attack „real players“ (pvp) for this mission!

Team Gauntlet bases also count for these, so that logic doesn’t work.


This used to happen a few updates ago, but it looks like the issue has crept back up again. Reported for further investigations (62539).

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