Egg token payouts revisited

The last thread was closed without any PG response. Any further thought on this? @PGJared @PGEggToken @DragonPunch

We can all agree that the egg token mission payouts needs reworking. It’s been the same since the inception of the game when green dragons were the top tier. I’m not sure what the correct answer is, perhaps scaling with level similar to rss packs. Universally increasing the egg tokens doesn’t seem like the proper solution either as newer players would progress too quickly.


If it is scaled, I think best way to go about it is based on the builder’s hut level :+1:


I like the builder hut idea of being the marker of egg token scaling

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lol, beat you to it :laughing:


Maybe have it based on which dragons are ready to breed? Like if you can breed 2-3 dragons in the next tier, the egg token payout for missions should increase because you are ready to breed in a tier that requires more tokens. The number of dragons ready to breed can be discussed because 2-3 might not be ideal.

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Is that much different than the builder hut idea?

As a non-spender, I’m not sure how I feel about escalating egg token payouts based on the builder hut since you need eggs to upgrade the builders hut. It seems a bit backwards to me, but I could have misssed earlier conversations about this. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Builders hut can get stuck if you don’t have enough extra eggs. Having extra eggs doesn’t show if you are ready to breed the next tier.

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I’m confused.

Do you mean being stuck after say lvl 39 farms for example? Going from plat to sapphire? or do you mean I don’t have enough platinum eggs to upgrade my hut but I can breed sapphire dragons

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Thé third scénario you posed seems very unlikely :rofl:

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Also, having your egg token payout increased can help you make the extra eggs to upgrade the builders hut.

If you do it based on the builders hut, people will have to use their egg tokens to get extra eggs instead of getting the dragons they want. I personally rather go for dragons than extra eggs for builders hut or reasearch.

I have another reason I think builders hut wouldn’t be a good connection, but I’m having trouble putting it into words lol. I’ll try, sorry if I don’t make sense. :see_no_evil: You get less tokens when you have a lower builders hut, and you have to use those less amount of tokens to breed extra eggs. I rather have my egg tokens increased before I’m required to breed extra eggs, so I don’t feel like I’m using my lower amount of egg tokens towards extra eggs.

Go to your room.

Jk but I really am just trying to see where they are coming from. It is also possible to be breeding sapphire and have a hut that is in need of platinum eggs, not assuming anything just really don’t know what they meant lol (long day)

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Right now, I have 0 extra platinum eggs, but I’m ready to breed multiple Sapphire dragons.

So I rather have my egg token payout based on the Sapphire wall than how much it takens to get platinum eggs.

It will also encourage you to upgrade your builders hut :smiley:


Debating the merits of how they go about it is probably more worthwhile for when/if they’re actually revisiting egg token payouts :woman_shrugging:

Maybe they’ll ninja it in like iOS <-> Android but yeah :see_no_evil:


Well, yeah. lol

I’d love to! But I need more egg tokens to breed Sapphire eggs that can give me extra platinum eggs. :rofl:

Maybe if we do the work of figuring it out for them, they can do it faster? :laughing: We can dream lol.