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When will the egg token issue be addressed??? IMO, this is the biggest problem with this game. Two years ago, when Hauheset was the top tier, King Dragon…I could understand having to spend 200k egg tokens to get him. He was the strongest dragon you could get. Now, he is mediocre, mid-range…a stepping stone for divines. Why does he still cost as much as a Harbinger tier dragon??? They are not even close to being equivalent. There is a massive wall around platinum and sapphire that needs to be addressed. When new dragons are added, older dragons should be adjusted in price. For example, a 1995 Geo Prism should not cost as much as an 2018 Aston Martin. ALSO, why are egg token drops and missions not scaled to level??? A level 10 should NOT be receiving the same amount of egg tokens as a lv400. That is absolutely absurd. Our breeds at lv400 cost 500 times more! All it does is make players grow super fast and then they hit a wall and become stagnant. Can someone from PG please respond?


Hauheset is probably the worst dragon to argue your point with as hauheset is still relevant.


I agree with everything in this post but this :rofl: carry on.


Right? Use mehaton or anapa, or ursa or something, pretty much anything but hau and to a lesser degree frost.


Yeah. Hauheset was the first lineage dragon I enjoyed flying since whalegnawer.

Ok ok, you’re right :joy::joy::joy: Not a good example :+1: How about Iteru and Noctua? :thinking: Almost the same price…

I totally agree with everyone above, Hauheset is a dragon I’m so looking forward to get even though I am literally a million egg tokens from it (Icicle 4 path). Not mediocre in any way or shape! Damn I’d even steal @mechengg 's Hauheset if I could!

Noctua again not a good choice to use.


Lol. …

Well, level 10s are unlikely to be in higher leagues with greater token payouts. Plus their prizes are scaled in team prizes.

i have been advocating for them to introduce some level of scaling old content for a while now… we can be hopeful but i wouldn’t hold your breath.

Hauheset (Sapphire) = 195,000
Noctua (Obsidian) = 143,000

Sekhem (Sapphire) = 125,000
Lumina and A&A (Obsidian and Garnet) = 140,000

Scorchil (Sapphire) = 125,000
Hedran (Obsidian) = 15,000

There are sooooooo many examples! Doesn’t matter how good Hauheset is… he’s still sapphire tier. And, he takes skill to fly. Not everyone can use him effectively. He shouldn’t cost as much as an Obsidian IMO. Sapphire tier is not as good as Obsidian or Harbinger tier. Hauheset’s max attack power is 8.9M…Noctua’s max attack power is 88M. Noctua is 10 times stronger but cheaper than Hauheset?? :thinking:


you really need to drop the Hau example… you have a good point. but you are inadvertently undermining your own point by using it as an example. Hau is the 1 exception to your point. sure its only a sapphire but that 1 sapphire will last longer than any other main line dragon out there (into emerald) and is probable the only dragon under obsidian that is actually worth the 200k+ tokens. Just say “sapphire mythics cost 220k, the same as Obsidian Mythics!” or something like that. I’d leave Noc out of it too…


Ryho? :thinking::thinking:

Y’all are right Hauheset is quite good. So, I’ll keep it short and simple. Why are some Obsidian dragons cheaper than Sapphire dragons? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Honestly, I’ve been fighting for a player progression change for a long, long time. And I will continue to fight for a change with many spreadsheets and graphs and data points.


Here is TrueOne voicing this same issue a while ago… since i can’t find where i have voiced it i will use his since he also articulated it well:


Problem is, PG needs a good reason to do it. Dont think any propositions have given them one yet. PG wont make changes that arent benficial to them.


Keep up the good fight @TheRedDelilah

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