Egg Token/Timer Missions

Since missions have a check system that prevents listing missions for dragons that are not in your roster and it also checks your types of towers, it would be ever so nice to add a check for full storage capacity before assigning a mission to collect Food or Lumber.


Deal 6.4m damage with Ember > Loot 3.4k lumber?


Sorry. No. I’ll gladly loot a token amount of rss instead of using x spells y times or dealing x damage with y dragon or destroying x towers or attack x bases…the list goes on.


To each their own :man_shrugging:t2:

Who was the poor XP guy that got a kill 43 Earth Flaks mission? That was something. Food/woods are fine by me. We dump on an officer, raid, and move on.,:muscle:


So surprised by responses. With all the complaints I have read about how time consuming it is to look for an appropriate level to attack and the drudgery of doing mindless tasks, I would have thought someone would have acknowledged the wasted time necessary to dump and collect unneeded resources. The other tasks mentioned might actually improve some flying skills. But as it is said, opinions like :spider::spider::spider:
…everyone has one.

It takes seconds to dump lumber and no more than 1 run to collect the required lumber. It’s not a hardship.

These are all menial tasks to increase game time. There is no skill involved.


As are pretty much ALL of the egg token mission tasks. However, my point is that these menial tasks could be prevented by a simple check to see if storage is full, similar to the check for the dragons in the roster. If I get Attack 4 bases, I can choose which bases and do Atlas multiplier runs, Food raids, or event runs. All of my in-game time is used productively. The tasks when resources must be dumped or used before doing the task ADD to the non-productive in-game time I must spend. I simply thought a more efficient manner of assigning tasks by the computer would be sensible.

I have to say that I actually look forward to RSS missions. You can often kill two or more birds with a single run. I’m a seasoned token grinder (used to get 240k per month before the mission upgrades) and it was the destroy 6 bases with X dragon that annoyed me most. Throwing away potions and time… so thankful for MsMersy :joy_cat:

That’s why you only have ember in your roster while grinding, no healing potions needed.

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Yup :joy: good old days of only ember in your party for missions until you swap in Hau and blow all your potions learning to microreverse…

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