Egg tokens from monuments?!

It happened so fast that I couldn’t screen shot it but I just received +10 egg tokens from a monument. Glitch or something new?



I just got that too!

I got 3 egg drops of 10, so it’s happening! @pgjared please convey our gratitude! Out of curriousity, what did this drop replace?


I’m still getting bronze chests, so I’d rather tokens over 1m timers or monument boosts, if something got replaced :rofl:


I KNEW this would be a topic on here. I was like !!! when I got a bunch of tokens. As long as the chest probability hasn’t been affected, it’s a great way of boosting token income a bit. If chest probability HAS been affected, I’m peeved.


Sacrificed my ember to get this


Are those getting eggs also still getting bronze chests?

I have received both tokens and chests.

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It’s hard to say given the limited sample size, however it seems that chests are less common now. I’ve gone on 6 chest runs and gotten 60-70 tokens and only one bronze chest. This could be a statistical anomaly, but it is looking like chests are less common. Which is not okay.


Oh my. I need to try this now. Farming tokens could have now become even more interesting

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Hahaha double down mech! Missions and drops!

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That’s a really small sample size.

And IMO, you got a better return than you would if you had gotten chests.

I only got the one egg token drop so far. Hopefully it replaces another tower boost I don’t need but I’d like to know what it’s being given in lieu of…

I’m continuing to do runs. So far I’m at 10 runs with 2 chests and 100 tokens. As a F2P player, this concerns me greatly since it’s the primary way that I get sigils.


I think u need to do more runs than just 10 to look at droprates.
I just did a few runs and got 3 bronze chests average and only 2 egg token drops total.
U got lucky on egg tokens, i got lucky on bronze chests.
It’s only when u do hundreds of runs that you get a steady average.

Based on @SavageAFforPG data, you get ~1.1 tokens per bronze. So you’ll need a ratio of at least 1 token drop per 10 chests.

now that’s one way a grinder will catch up a bit.

will not be surprised if people complain about this.

If chest doesn’t drop, egg tokens have a chance of dropping so you get more chance of gaining either one of them.

No, based on his data with a 10k bronze chest sample size, you get 11.5 tokens per bronze. You also get other things, but even if you only care about tokens, token drops are strictly worse than bronze chests.

I don’t know the mechanics of how this works, though. It could be a case where bronze chest drop rate is unaffected, but sometimes tokens drop if bronze chests don’t, like Kenshiki suggests.

Right now, it looks like bronze chest rates are lower than before, but n = small.

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I think you’re mistaken. Getting more than 200-300 sigils from bronze chest is pushing your luck. Meanwhile you get 2200 sigils for reaching the 450 prize?
Sigils aren’t the gating mechanism, eggs and just recently timers are.