Egg tokens? How many for 10k rubies?

Question in title lol
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Trying to finish last dragon for event!

Just from small egg token missions, how many egg tokens can you get from 10k and 17k rubies?
(Not counting drops or anything strictly off missions)

Elite and token bonus?

Ruby Cost Hours Tokens (non Elite) Tokens (Elite)
30 1 20 40
30 1 40 80

So 10k rubies divided by 30 is is 330 iterations of that mission. With Elite and NO bonus that is 13,200 tokens. With Elite and the bonus, that is 26,400 tokens. @mechengg can confirm.


That would be correct.

If you want a more time efficient method for a slightly worse ratio try speeding up both the first two missions immediately and you could get about 20k tokens but it would take you only ~1/3 the time :+1:

You can take a closer look here for more details:


Everyone has the bonus during breeding though, so if he has elite its 26.4k

For sure, just didn’t want my post to be quoted after the fact with incorrect data


Because I’m pretty sure someone would do that and get all irked because what you said was wrong… even though you’d said it during a breeding event :woman_facepalming:

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I hate to point out the issue with absolute positioning content…but, my eyes!

browser please? We have been having this issue only on certain browsers and devices

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Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181, Windows 7.

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Check now please

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Magic! :star_struck: Looks good.


Yeah both :+1:

Ok so 17k rubies would be over 45k

Is that only if speeding up the first mission or speed up both small missions?

Edit* nvm I see it!

Thanks :grin:

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While I have you in my grasp! :wink:

Ive been using Icicle 3 for months now! Chose it because I started using breeding guides pretty late!

In Emerald is there no shortcut? A dragon that can be cut out? Kind of like what I did with Frostbiter?
It’s takes 6 emeralds to be able to breeding Noc?
And 6 emeralds before you can get into Obsidian at all?

I count 5 emeralds from Icicle 4 to Noctua in S Mafic 1 and S Rhyo 1.

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I mean if you take my cheapest paths (Icicle 4 and S Girasol 1)

Legendary Sapphires: 5 full cost
Mythic Sapphires: 1 full cost, 1 backbreed
Legendary Garnets: 3 full cost
Mythic Garnets: 1 full cost, 1 backbreed
Legendary Emeralds: 3 full cost, 1 back breed
Mythic Emeralds: 2 full cost
Legendary Obsidians: 2 full cost, 1 backbreed, 3 sidebreeds
Mythic Obsidians: 1 full cost
Legendary Harbinger: 3 full cost, 1 sidebreed
Mythic Harbinger: 1 full cost

I mean, I don’t know what more you’re asking me to do…

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Yep. However I can’t stress to you enough how much time this will take (approx 1 hour per 1000 rubies ish) and how important it is to make sure you control your roster and base properly. It’s a lot of grinding. Can certainly be done but I always recommend doing it over a few days so you don’t wear yourself out. I do 10k tokens a day and that’s usually about enough for me, a few times I’ve done 15k. I would never attempt to do 45k in a single day


Even 10k is a lot, imo.

Guess depends upon what you find fun. I tend to speed up missions during PVP events. Helps me feel like I’m doing two things at once, even if it is less efficient.