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strong textHi PG, I would like to voice my oppinion and suggest that eggs become tradeable like wood and food is, or that the egg token missions give more egg tokens. For example instead of giving 20 egg tokens for a mission, give 200 or higher. I think this would make the game more enjoyable and less people would quit. Since the current system makes it super hard to get better dragons at sapphire and higher.

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With all the security loopholes in the game, unfortunately this will enable people who exploit the system even more: allowing them to create throw away accounts to make illegitimately obtain eggs, give them their main account, and then when their throw away account gets flagged and banned, their main still has the ill gotten eggs.

This is actually similar to the gifting heal pots thread, although, the heal pots is at a far less exploitable position IMO, bc even if you’re gifted 20k heal pots, you have to actually do runs to get anything out of it :man_shrugging:t3:


If what you say is true, then the best thing to do is for pg to up the egg tokens per run.

Pretty sure there are already some threads on this issue


Maybe increase the payouts depending on what lvl you are or depending on what tier of dragons you are on.

If you click on the link that is the discussion that is going on.

Take a read :slight_smile:


No to egg token trading.

Yes to rebalancing mission payouts. Check out the other threads where there are discussions already going on.

There’s a few threads for both of these things actually

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